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    • For the very latest announcements and news from the government, click here
    • 24 August 2021: Update from business.govt.nz
      • Information on operating a business at Alert Level 4 click here 
      • COVID-19 Financial support click here
      • Mandatory recording of visitors click here 
      • If you have questions or need support, call the free COVID-19 Business Helpline North Island 0800 505 096
    • This page brings together government information relating to COVID-19, how it may affect your business and how you can stay up to date as new information becomes available click here
    • The Ministry of Health website provides the latest updates, information and advice on COVID-19, click here
    • For the latest information from IRD, click here
    • The NZ COVID Tracer app is the official government contact tracing app, for more information please click here
    • Employment New Zealand. To stay up to date with the latest employment information click here 
    • If you would like to subscribe to the Employment New Zealand newsletter to receive the latest updates click here 
    • Business.govt.nz has practical advice on different Alert Level restrictions and answers to common questions. Workplace operations at COVID-19 Alert Levels
    • WorkSafe also has guidance to help you ensure your business can operate safely, including sector-specific guidance. Your COVID-19 safety plan — what you need to think about


    • It is recommended you display the official Contact Tracer App QR Code in your business and encourage your teams to use it – go to www.health.govt.nz
    • ATEED have provided a nifty online assessment tool of your business’s digital capability. Click here for your FREE customised digital action plan
    • Newmarket-based Business Mentors (www.businessmentors.org.nz) provide expert business guidance.
    • Retail NZ are keeping this page updated regularly to help retailers around New Zealand, click here
    • Manaaki is a superb online tool, developed for the disruption being caused by COVID-19, for SME’s to ask questions of a huge panel of experts that span all industries


    We are all going through mental ups and downs right now. We’re experiencing varying levels of stress as we navigate our way through the lockdown, our health and the impact on business. It’s important to know that there are free resources available (see links below) that can provide a framework to help you, and others, get through this extraordinary period.

    Also, if you would like to talk to someone outside of your bubble – in complete confidence – you can free call or text 1737 24 hours a day and speak to a trained counsellor.

    Some helpful resources:

    Webinar Friday 10 September – Wellbeing tips with Westpac Ambassador Sir John Kirwan 

    Join Sir John Kirwan on looking after your mental health and wellbeing as you deal with the uncertainty and challenges facing your business in the current COVID-19 situation. JK was not only one of the greatest All Blacks but is one of New Zealand’s best known mental health advocates and a businessman himself. 

    At the session John Machell (Head of Hospitality, Tourism and Retail Trade, Westpac) will be facilitating Q&A with JK. 

    Friday 10 September 2021, 9.30am – 10.30am 

    Please click here to register directly with Westpac and webinar details will be sent to you. 

    20 August 2021 – Return to Level 4 lockdown – reaction and coping strategies

    With New Zealand returning to Level 4 lockdown with the spread of the Delta variant of Covid, this special episode was taken from a live chat between Sir John Kirwan and Dr Fiona Crichton, a health psychology specialist and Clinical Team Lead at Mentemia.

    Here they spoke about how they are feeling right now, what they are doing to cope with anxiety and uncertainty, and insights on what we can be doing to care for ourselves and those around us. We hope this chat helps and wherever you are, gives some coping strategies. Listen here

    Open Minded Podcast hosted by John Kirwan

    Sir John Kirwan sits down for intimate conversations with incredible and inspiring leaders from all walks of life. JK, who has been the face of mental health in New Zealand for over 20 years, gets in-depth with every guest on their own wellbeing stories, what keeps them well, and how they are prioritising and championing wellbeing in their organisations and communities. To listen to all podcasts click here

    MoH COVID 19 – Mental Health and wellbeing resources

    All Right?

    Mental Health Tips

    John Kirwan’s Mentemia – Mental wellbeing for you and your workplace

    Boss burnout – spot warning signs for yourself. From workloads to wellbeing, the COVID-19 pandemic poses many challenges. Learn to spot when your stress levels are rising and pick up wellbeing tips. Your health and happiness — and your business — will benefit. Click here.


    The NBA have hosted a number of webinars which included financial resilience, e-commerce, commercial leases, social media and Google for retail and hospitality. These webinars are available to watch below:

    21 September 2021 – Supply Chain Pain & the Cashflow Consequences

    This webinar was presented by Sarah Duffin, BNZ Senior Partner – Newmarket Commercial, & Dean Harris, BNZ Trade Specialist. It used to be cash is King and now stock is King! Understand why we are having supply chain issues, what this means to your working capital and what to do about it. Click here to view.

    For any further information, please contact Sarah or Dean.

    30 September 2021 – Help Fight Crime in Newmarket

    Evidence demonstrates how economic fallout increases criminal activity and there are concerns regarding the effect the 2021 lockdown will have on crime rates that have spiked since the pandemic began. This webinar covers how you can play a part to decrease crime in Newmarket with StoreWatch. Watch the webinar here.

    2 September 2021: Funding Opportunities for Sustainable Projects

    Ever wondered where you can start to apply for a grant to get a sustainable idea off the ground? Dr Grant Hewison and David Hay of the Waitemata Low Carbon Network identify funding opportunities for sustainability and low carbon initiatives, with a focus on small-to-medium enterprises and the support available from Auckland Council and its subsidiaries, as well as give a brief overview of non-council and central government funding opportunities. Click here to watch the webinar.

    1 September 2021: MP David Seymour on issues businesses are facing

    MP David Seymour discusses the ongoing issues businesses are facing with the impact of COVID and alert level extensions. Watch the webinar here.

    27 August 2021: Cameron Bagrie – interest rate predictions, what to do with debt and the outlook ahead

    Cameron is the Managing Director of Bagrie Economics, discusses his views on the economy, interest rate predictions and what to do with debt. Watch the webinar here.

    25 August 2021: BetterCo Accounting and Advisory – Cashflow is everything right now

    Peter Prema is one of the co-founders and directors of Better Co, accountants with a focus on purpose, people and profit to drive New Zealand business. In this webinar, Peter discusses – why is cashflow important?, understanding profit vs cash, seven key causes of poor cashflow, the band aid approach vs fixing the ‘root cause’, planning for improving cashflow and understanding the cash conversion cycle. Listen to the webinar here.

    If you would like to contact Peter directly, please email Peter@betterco.nz

    The rise of the Conscious Consumer

    A sustainability webinar where you will hear from two inspiring New Zealand brands, Ecostore and Villa Maria, who share their own ‘conscious consumer’ experiences and stories. Watch the webinar here.

    16 June 2021: Alex Donaghy – Is Your Marketing Strategy Match Fit?

    Alex Donaghy, Marketing Director of Attain NZ shares insights into 3rd party regulations that are impacting the ability to target search audiences for marketing purposes, explaining the significant impact on Facebook and Google advertising. Click here to watch the webinar.

    7 May 2021: Cameron Bagrie – Economic response, recovery and routes beyond

    Cameron Bagrie, Managing Director of Bagrie Economics, shares his views on the economy, the outlook for the next six months and smart things SME’s should focus on. Watch the webinar here.

    21 April 2021: How to use Facebook and Instagram ads for your business

    Paid ads are an essential in your social toolbox. With social media now being such a saturated landscape, it’s important you ensure your brand and content is in front of the right people. Liv from Soda Digital hosts this webinar and covers why we should be using paid features on social media, understanding objectives, uncovering the power of Facebook ad targeting, working your creative & messaging for conversion. Watch the webinar here.

    Police Retail Crime

    Sergeant Craig Fisher gives some insights into how best to protect your business from retail crime in the busy Christmas period ahead. Watch the webinar here.

    15 October 2020: How to engage with the Chinese consumer

    The NBA has partnered with Christina Yu from the Chinese Herald who is passionate about promoting the voice of the Chinese in New Zealand through media and fostering good relationships within the community. Key areas covered include: Insight – A peek at the Chinese Kiwi White Paper by Chinese Herald. Engagement – An overview of local Chinese digital landscape, and a case study of how we best engage with the audience. Targeting – WeChat sponsored ads, an effective tool to precisely reach out to Chinese Kiwis with their preferred app. Click here to watch the webinar.

    24 September 2020: Social Media and Reputational Management

    The NBA has partnered with Courtney Johnson from One Plus One Communications. Key areas that will be covered include the dos and don’ts of social media for business, how to tell your story, engaging with customers online and reputational risks on social media and how to manage them. Watch the webinar here.

    10 September 2020: Chinese Social Media Marketing

    James Shi, Managing Director at MKTG Partner hosted a webinar for Chinese Social Media Marketing. Key areas covered included: Chinese New Zealanders insights for retail and hospitality, Chinese social media marketing myths, Chinese social media marketing methodology for retail and hospitality and case studies. Click here to watch the webinar.

    30 July 2020: When customer service becomes strategic with Angela Pile from Retain Consulting

    Angela has had a very successful sales career, which includes the establishment of a highly successful and profitable retail store. This webinar is for any consumer facing business. Key areas covered include: creating exceptionally satisfied and extremely loyal customers; how to build a business strategy to differentiate yourself and stand out; create an over-the-top “yes” obsession with customer service. Click here to watch the webinar.

    7 May 2020: Cameron Bagrie and the economic outlook ahead

    Cameron is the Managing Director of Bagrie Economics, a boutique research firm. Prior to that he was Chief Economist at ANZ for more than a decade. During that time ANZ was consistently ranked 1# for its analysis on the NZ economy.  Join us to hear Cameron Bagrie’s views on the economy, the outlook for the next six months and smart things SME’s should focus on. Watch the webinar here.

    11 May 2020: MPs David Seymour & Hon. Paul Goldsmith from Epidemic Response Committee

    The NBA hosted an exclusive webinar with Epidemic Response Committee member MPs – David Seymour and Hon. Paul Goldsmith. David and Paul provided commentary on the current state of affairs, answered questions and listened to feedback. Click here to watch the webinar.

    6 May 2020: Support from the Government SMBs

    Niran Iswar and Justin Keen from Better Co ran a webinar to discuss the support from the Government SMB’s. Click here to watch the webinar.

    Topics covered: 1. Mortgage Holiday Scheme [06:32] 2. Employer Wage Subsidy Scheme [11:25] 3. Business Finance Guarantee Scheme [17:40] 4. RBPN Grants for Advisory Services [26:36] 5. IRD Debt Relief [30:30] 6. Tax Loss Carry Back Scheme [34:52] 7. Landlords and Leases [37:40] 8. Insolvency Relief for Companies [39:34] 9. Your Next Steps [41:14] 10. How We Can Help You [43:24] 11. Questions [44:59]

    If you have further questions and would like to contact Niran directly, please email Niran@betterco.nz

    29 April 2020: Google for Retail and Hospitality

    Amanda is Google NZ’s SMB Partnerships and has been with them for 9 years. Amanda shared the changes happening for retail and hospitality businesses with Google and what this means for your business. Taking you through the tools and resources available with ‘Google for Small Business’, how you can maximise your reach with google and making yourself more visible online during these uncertain times.

    Retail: View the webinar here.

    Hospitality: View the webinar here.

    15 April 2020: What your Brand should be doing with Social Media

    Wendy Thompson, an experienced global marketer and entrepreneur founded Socialites in 2010, a specialist social media marketing company that works with top New Zealand and global brands around the world. Wendy talked about what your brand should be doing in social media during the pandemic and how to get ready for the new world post-lockdown. Click here to watch the webinar. If you would like to get in touch with Wendy directly, please email wendy@socialites.co.nz

    15 April 2020: Cameron Bagrie and the Economic Recovery Post Covid-19 Webinar

    Cameron Bagrie is the Managing Director of Bagrie Economics, a boutique research firm. Prior to that he was Chief Economist at ANZ for more than a decade. This webinar is a future-looking session post Covid-19 with a focus on the economic recovery as we contemplate what the world may look like. Click here to watch the Webinar.

    If you would like further information please refer to www.bagrieeconomics.co.nz

    14 April 2020: Financial Resilience During Uncertain Times with Niran Iswar

    Niran is one of the co-founders and directors of Better Co, accountants with a focus on purpose, people and profit to drive New Zealand business. In this webinar, Niran discusses:  How to manage your cash flow in unpredictable times, forecasting effectively to prepare for the future, understanding the importance of working capital and funding options, effect of stock management on profit and cashflow. Listen to the webinar here.

    If you would like to contact Niran directly, please email Niran@betterco.nz

    14 April 2020: Commercial Leases Webinar with Nick Hodson

    Nick Hodson, Director at Newmarket commercial and property lawyers, Powle & Hodson discusses the impact of the COVID-19 lockdown on commercial leases for both landlords and tenants including the “no access in emergency” clause in the ADLS deed of lease, how landlords and tenants are dealing with each other, and the possibility of government intervention to provide relief. Watch online here.

    8 April 2020: Newmarket Business Association Webinar: Managing the effects of Covid-19

    The Newmarket Business Association hosted a webinar run by Robbie Bryant, Senior Associate, at Newmarket employment law specialist’s, SBM Legal. Robbie discussed: the support provided by the Government in response to COVID-19;  alternative working arrangements; and restructuring. Click here to listen to the webinar.

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    Outre Clothing

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    Keep up to date with the latest Marketview data which includes information on Newmarket spend, transactions, and average transaction value.

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    Retail NZ – Join Retail NZ for guidance and support, gain a voice in the retail world and use exclusive resources to improve your business. If you are interested in becoming a member of Retail NZ please contact Petra – petra.otte@retail.kiwi

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