Repertoire is a love story created by three close friends Lee, Meghan and Debi who wanted to share and celebrate life and fashion with other women.
Their story has evolved over the past seven years to encompass nine stores nationwide and three in house labels, Lounge for your ‘me time’, their original Repertoire label for ‘am to pm’ wear and Edition for those special occasions. But the philosophy has remained the same to inspire and encourage women to feel confident and beautiful in quality fashion pieces that are versatile, comfortable and fit her unique figure.
Every Repertoire garment is handcrafted here in New Zealand by local artisans, ensuring our craft is cherished and nurtured in our communities.



25 Osborne St


09 522 5242

Business Hours:


  • Eat & Drink
    • Wines & Spirits
    • Specialist
    • Restaurants
    • On the Go
    • Cafes
    • Bars
    • Bakeries & Catering
  • Entertainment

  • Fashion

  • General Services

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