Indulge with the taste of Petal. Our cupcakes are so scrumptious you’ll be talking about them for weeks. Located in the heart of Newmarket Petal offers a unique blend of flavour and fashion that will satisfy even the biggest sweet tooth. Make your next party or board meeting memorable with small gifts of indulgence from Petal.
Founded in 2009 with a commitment to great flavours, what many people don’t know is that our original Red Velvet recipe is based on a cupcake which founder, Laurel Watson, had flown over especially from New York.
All of our recipes are born of creativity, but perfected through round after round of refinement. We put in the hard yards (taste testing cupcakes is tough work, after all!) so you can enjoy a perfect Petal treat, every time.



8 Teed St


09 551 1635

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