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The rise of highly tailored fitness boutiques has revolutionised the fitness industry, with every last detail considered and fitness plans that are tailored specifically for your body. From a luxe and modern space, work-outs that are specific to your needs and supplements for post workout, we caught up with Newmarket’s newest boutique fitness offering, home. to find out more about the private training studio.

Every person that visits home. in the month of September will receive 20% off all products and services and will go in the draw to WIN an equipment and supplement prize pack. See them today for a free consultation and find out how they can help you, your team or staff to get the most out of every day.

Can you tell us about home. and the idea behind it?

Home. is a boutique private training studio that feels more like your home and less like a gym. Not only is this designed to make you feel comfortable, but it’s also a showroom, showcasing what we can do for you at your own home by designing and installing your very own equipment in a tasteful style. Health and wellness is essential to our lifestyle and a major topic of conversation in our current climate. We see a number of people, looking for a solution, who don’t necessarily feel comfortable in traditional gym settings, are short on time or don’t have the knowledge or motivation to set up their own home gym to train in private, so we can do this all for you. You can train with our coaches in our private studio or we can supply and install your very own at your house. Home. is a private risk free space that we invite you in to sit down and enjoy a green tea whilst we tailor a custom plan to achieve your health and wellness goals in a relaxed and comfortable environment.

In comparison to group gym classes, boutique personal training studios often mean more personalisation and training that targets specific needs/concerns. What makes home. different to other personal training studios?

It’s your home. away from home. Home. is a beautifully designed space you’re invited to train in complete privacy one-on-one, with a partner or friend, or in a small group class of friends or colleagues – whatever your preference and level of comfort. To make you feel at home each visit will include an intimate and private consultation specific to you to allow our skilled coaches to learn and understand more about you and your lifestyle, so that they can tailor a plan that fits into your schedule. Mood lighting and the ability to pull the curtains, adjust temperature and play your own music all at the push of a button assists in creating an atmosphere to match every work-out and mood for the day or night, and to finish off the session with your coach massaging out any tightness or tension with our massage gun. This is your very own private home gym with all your home comforts and your own coach, but without the cost of setting it all up. Our difference is in the detail to which we personalise your experience and journey to your taste in achieving and maintaining your desired results for your ultimate lifestyle.

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For those wanting to kickstart their health and fitness after a lockdown, what sort of exercise regime would you suggest/recommend?

It depends on what they did or didn’t do during the lockdown. Lockdown was definitely a bit of a test for a lot of us. Our routines took a little bit of a hit, sleep patterns changed. We had to work out at home and even by ourselves, and we got a little adventurous  with our baking and cooking. Our Exercise & Movement Specialist, Siggy Brookland suggests: • Move move move! Give purposeful movement a go to help de-stress the mind and body easing back into training under loads. It will naturally enhance  your metabolic function, lubricate your joints, realign your posture and prevent injuries as you get back into the swing of things. • Find routine with your sleep – quick tip: turn your phone on aeroplane mode at night and avoid screen time in bed. • Formulate a training plan, even if you have to set multiple alarms on your phone.  Make time during your day to dedicate to a work-out, walk, yoga, mobility, or even active recovery. • Focus on a more hybrid style of training, building in time for resistance training and moderate to high intensity training to reset and boost your metabolism. Building up muscle mass  which naturally burns a greater amount of calories than fat, and creating a calorie  afterburn, will help prepare you to bounce back into action faster.

There are so many new machines, technology and styles of training that it can become a little overwhelming. What style of training does home. focus on?

Great question as there are a lot of machines, technology and training styles continuing to come through as the industry continues to grow at a rapid pace. At home. we work on keeping it as simple as possible and don’t get too distracted with complex machines and technology. We have custom designed equipment from Life Fitness and Ziva to maximise space and efficiency based around a small number of simple but key multi-purpose pieces that allow our coaches to train a wide variety of training styles in order to effectively achieve results for long term benefits for all ages and abilities whether that be for lifestyle, injury, strength and conditioning or sports specific.

Nothing beats a face-to-face work-out with a trainer, however a more virtual way of life in more recent months has seen gyms and fitness classes going online with live video streams. How did you adapt during lockdown?

Is this virtual offering something you will continue going forward? We saw lockdown as an opportunity to dedicate more time to fast tracking and improving our online offering. We have the ability to stream on-demand and live training direct to your living room or home gym. This was something we were working on prior to lockdown, but it became a lifesaver and the sole focus to communicating and supporting our home. family through isolation which proved extremely important for both home. and our clients not just for physical health and wellness but mentally, more importantly.

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Favourite place to grab a bite to eat in Newmarket?

Mutual Friends Espresso in Morgan Street. They always deliver on a great coffee and delicious food and great chat. Even on a busy day where cabinets are bare (or I’m running late) they’ll make you something fresh on the spot with no hesitation and no fuss.

Diet and nutrition play an important role when it comes to our overall health and fitness. What is your nutrition philosophy? For someone who might need guidance with their nutrition, is this something that you can also get help with at home?

Absolutely. This is a key component to achieving results and we can certainly help. Our nutrition philosophy is simple, we combine balanced nutrition with regular activity, and a personalised programme that suits your schedule with one of our coaches. We stock nutritional product to help with energy, heart health, immune system, muscle building, sports specific and other supplementation. Our supplements are all stocked in studio where you can pop in anytime or simply have it sent to your doorstep at any time for ease and convenience.

What will the rest of 2020 bring for home.?

This year is flying and with it already being a crazy and busy year we have huge plans for the future. We are currently finalising some key business partnerships that we will team up and collaborate within the local community, so watch this space. We are looking at other potential sites and growing our team in helping the people of the community achieve greater things for an improved way of life. So if you’d like our support, service and products we are here to help and eager to do everything we can to educate you to be the best version of yourself and to maintain your ideal lifestyle.

Suite 2, 11 Morgan St | 021 710 269 | @home.hq

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