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Studio Box brings high octane training to Newmarket

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Opening its doors in Newmarket,  Studio Box, the brainchild of former Black Sticks star Dwayne Rowsell is a fitness concept poised to redefine boxing. Inspired by the international fitness scene, Rowsell set out to create a boxing studio with a difference. The result is a high energy, immersive and low-impact workout that provides all the benefits of boxing without having to fight it out in the ring. In the boutique classes you can expect to experience pumping music, cool lighting and an atmosphere that rivals that of a night club.


“We wanted to create a community where people of all abilities could challenge themselves and experience boxing in a supportive and inclusive environment,” said Rowsell. “The Studio Box method takes all the good parts of boxing and wraps it together in a super motivating environment that will leave participants on a physical and emotional high.” As a former professional athlete and qualified personal trainer, Rowsell knows how hard you have to work to attain and maintain any level of fitness. “It’s essential that you stay challenged and motivated, which is where a lot of people fall down.”


“When I started boxing, I immediately fell in love with the full-body workout that it provides. Every session requires you to be totally present and challenges you physically and mentally, not only that but that sense of calmness afterwards was second to none." The idea for Studio Box was born following months of one-on-one and small group boxing sessions with his personal training clients, who also noticed the transformation in their physical and mental health. It was this realisation that inspired him to create a place and community where larger groups could experience those same feelings and health benefits.


Rowsell teamed up with two international master trainers from the United States to design the workouts, which along with the pumping sound system and choreographed lighting will keep you on the move for the full 45 minutes. The workouts begin with a dynamic warm up, followed by ten rounds of technique, shadow boxing and bag work mixed with head-to-toe bodyweight conditioning exercises, finishing with some restorative stretching.


Studio Box is officially open as of Saturday 16 March. Find them at 17 Crowhurst Street.