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Stolen Girlfriends Club hosts iconic runway show

Perhaps one of the largest fashion events in New Zealand to have gone ahead in this crazy year, Stolen Girlfriends Club (SGC) hosted an epic night of fashion and music to unveil their latest collection “Is there Music in the Afterlife?”.

Auckland’s Shed 10 was the backdrop to a packedout fashion show with electric performances by local musicians, building the energy up as the SGC collection was rolled out across the 53 metre catwalk structure.  

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The collection was designed at the beginning of this year, while the Australian bushfires were in full force and Covid-19 was becoming increasingly concerning. Creative Director Marc Moore notes “It’s all about the brave new worlds that can rise from destruction and chaos” which is why SGC have released the collection now.  

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The show as a collective was very akin to 2020; the bright beginning represented by the radiant skin and pastel eyes of the models along with a more upbeat soundtrack, juxtaposed with a descent into heavier and darker elements in the middle, before revealing a return to the brighter side as the show closed. Marc Moore stated, “the creative community has been hit hard by 2020, and wanted to show his appreciation and love for this community by putting on Thursday nights Stolen Super Club. The event was made Covid-19 safe with invitations being sent in the form of branded SGC masks – a requirement for entry into the show. 

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Stolen Girlfriends Club’s new collection is available to shop now at 20 Nuffield Street. 

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