Stolen Girlfriends Club: Avondale Fashion Week

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About last Friday night. Fashion and music fans came together for yet another outstanding and unforgettable Stolen Girlfriends Club fashion festival - titled 'Avondale Fashion Week', showcasing their latest collection 'American Dream'. This year with the absence of New Zealand Fashion Week the brand decided to make their home in Avondale world famous.

Down in an underground concrete bunker in Avondale, the location was filled with an audience of over 1200 brand fans. It felt like we had stepped into a world unlike typical Auckland. Reminiscent of a mix between a Berlin and New York City esque energy, fashion and music enthusiasts were dressed appropriately in grungey-cool looks, showcasing their individuality. A giant LED screen, festival style speakers and lights brought this striking and illuminating show to life in the suburbs. 51 models strutted the runway with grit and conviction.

“In general, this collection has been hugely inspired by vintage americana. We were given access to the Elvis Presley archives early last year, and after looking through it I was really inspired by some of the trends and silhouettes that were prevalent around America in the 50’s and 60’s. We’ve really focused on leather and denim a lot this season, and amped up the metal hardware and trims to give the collection a tougher and more gritty feel. With the colour palette and the overall aesthetic, I like to call it ‘Palm Springs Punk’! If you took two films like ‘Summer Of Sam’ and ‘Mystery Train’ and mashed them together, this collection would be the result” said Creative Director Marc Moore.

A personal favourite of mine is the Spotlight Shirt (pictured below on the left) - this immediately caught my eye when it came down the runway, with the clever use of the famous Elvis name in lights as the Stolen logo. I think I might just have to purchase this as a tribute to the king! The mixture of suede, leather and embellishments present throughout the collection really speak to the rock and roll vibe, and the fun pops of colour adding in some West Coast cool.

Stolen Girlfriends Club is anything but conventional. So why would they conform to the traditional standards of casting professional models? They have continued with their street casting call, hand selecting extraorindary people and personalities who exemplify the brand's creative vision. The street-cast talent made up a third of this year's show. We absolutely loved seeing the mix of individuals who graced the runway.

After a fashion show hiatus down under., it was reinvigorating to see brands bringing back the runway shows. In celebration of all things fashion, and in collaboration with local and international artists. Stolen Girlfriends Club, from New York, Milan, Paris and now, to Avondale.

The American Dream Collection is available to shop now online and in store at Stolen Girlfriends Club on Nuffield Street.

Show Credits

Creative Director - Marc Moore

Stylist - Sarah Starkey
Casting - Lilly Fraser
Hair - Anthony Bayer for Lust Hair

Makeup - Kiekie Stanners

Show Visuals - Dream Inc.
Show Soundtrack - Kedu Carlo
Production - Sarah Hough & Danielle Gillatt Press - Public Library

Photographers - Ken Cao, Andre Kong, Sonielle Bahati, Clo Farrell Videographers - Zac Emerson & Team

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