Step in to the Rubyverse

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Welcome to the newest version of RUBY's online presence, the Rubyverse.

One of New Zealand's most beloved local designers RUBY, has long had a place in many people's hearts as a place to find clothes and accessories that capture the essence of oneself. Their versatile, fun yet longstanding pieces have the ability to take you from work to play with ease. RUBY's use of colour and pattern injects energy and life into the everyday wardrobe, instantly elevating your mood and sense of self every time you put on of their pieces on.

RUBY have had a longstanding home in Newmarket, with their store on Teed Street. They have had some recent exciting new changes, their online home has had a makeover. Enter the RUBYVERSE - Ruby's brand new online store. Matching the warmth you feel IRL, or when scrolling through @rubytakessnaps & @liam.liampatterns, this energy has been carefully considered and reflected through the joyful details on site that Ruby believe completes the Rubette experience puzzle.

Whether you find yourself getting lost in the articles within RUBY Room, learning about their standard and specialist tools within Toolbox for Change, levelling up through the RUBY Hive loyalty programme or exploring the latest new arrivals, journey through the RUBYVERSE and see where it can take you…


No longer is just a place to find your latest clothing piece, take a deeper delve into stories about community, find inspiration from pieces about local creatives, designers and innovation. Read about the amazing people that make up the RUBY team, or educate yourself on how to better take care of your clothes! The beautiful and colourful layout, along with all the interesting content will have you exploring the site for hours. RUBY Room has solidified its new home, with articles from the RUBY team and friends - sharing their unique perspectives. Step inside the room and be immersed in inspiration!

Another key new feature of the RUBYVERSE is the Toolbox for Change, helping to highlight sustainable initiatives that RUBY are taking on, and also ways in which you can help contribute to a smaller footprint when you shop with RUBY.

What’s new in the RUBY Toolbox for Change?

RUBY's Marketing Director Anna-Lise takes us through their three key tools that are new to their Toolbox for Change, and their approach to evolving their sustainability efforts.


"When we think about how we at RUBY can help solve our business & industry problems, the Toolbox is a useful analogy. There are the standard tools: tools that everyone should really have. Use of Better Practice materials, responsible manufacturing processes, carbon reduction plans, these are the non-negotiables of doing business. In these areas, we can learn from each other on the best decisions to make, or how to channel our energies so that we have the most positive impact."


"Also in our Toolbox is equipment that we have really saved up for. Specialist tools that we are learning how to wield, and how to share with our community. For us, this is the work we have done on waste minimisation, and how we nurture a mutually nourishing relationship with our community, through the work we’ve done on sizing and our support of local industry."

"We have identified 5 classifications we want to highlight about the manufacturing of our materials and garments. On our website, we note when a product is manufactured in this way and you can now filter your search by that classification tag."

Visit RUBY online here, or in store at 4 Teed Street, Newmarket

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