Spring Bloom with Kowtow

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Inspired by nature in full bloom, Kowtow's Spring drop has arrived in store

Spring is here - the season of new beginnings and promise; warmer days are coming, and I don't know about you but I am so ready for it! When the new collection from Kowtow landed in my inbox, I was instantly transported to my happy place - the warm sun against my skin and long afternoons in the garden.

This collection celebrates the new blooms of Spring, the Avant Gardener, and Kowtow’s long-standing dedication to bettering the fashion and textile industries.

“The power lies in our choices. We can choose to limit our consumption of plastic, we can choose to support slow fashion, we can choose ‘repair’ over ‘replace’. We can choose to make these choices normal, not radical.

Avant Gardener is an expression of those choices. From the seasonal floral print - pulled from the pages of a gardening book - to the botanical shades of azalea, lilac, and evergreen - the pieces of Avant Gardener represent the permanence, patience, and perseverance of nature; how it continues to blossom and fights to survive.”

The Newmarket Kowtow store is an extension of their forward thinking and ethically driven brand, a beautiful light filled and warm space with an emphasis on natural, locally sourced and sustainable materials.  All Kowtow garments are made from 100% organic cotton and GOTS allowed inks and dyes, ensuring the most beautiful quality while their circular ethos includes the promise of a free repair and an opportunity for past-treasured garments be recycled or repurposed.  In the new collection you’ll find Kowtow’s signature crisp cotton shirting, clever cuts and exclusive in-house designed floral print, a dreamy selection of key pieces to update your wardrobe with this season.

Here are our picks from the latest collection, all available in-store now via nz.kowtowclothing.com  

Francesca Ritchie
Marketing Manager