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Some of New Zealand's favourite designers round up day 3 of NZFW

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Day three of New Zealand Fashion Week saw some of the biggest and most established names in the business bring together shows and installations that rang true to the designers and what they stand for. From Juliette Hogan's ethereal installation to Kathryn Wilson's energetic, Carrie Bradshaw inspired runway and Stolen Girlfriend Club's fire and ice inspired, leather-studded show.

Juliette Hogan

After a four year hiatus, Juliette Hogan returned to the NZFW schedule with an offsite event within a polished industrial Fearon Hay development in Morningside echoing the brand’s own workroom next door. The collective inspiration for the Autumn Winter 2020 presentation was drawn from the felt experience of New Zealand's wild, unique and beautiful natural world and was thoughtfully expressed through design, material, sound, and palette.

The installation was inspired by the large scale works of Australian artist Linda Tegg and Juliette worked with The Floral Stylist to create something with a distinctly New Zealand flavour, incorporating native plants Putaputaweta, Carex frosted curls, Oi Oi, Landra and sustainable moss from the South Island forest floor. The result was a wild and welcoming meadow with tones echoing the golden hues of our southern and coastal landscapes. Naturally flawless skin was the name of the game when it came to the model's beauty looks, with luminous skin and classic hair.

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Imagery by Karen Ishiguro for Juliette Hogan.

Kathryn Wilson

Every year, the kiwi queen of shoes, Kathryn Wilson brings together all the best parts of fashion and what Fashion Week is really all about - fun, energy, and a bold sense of self. This year we saw models strut the runway with an infectious amount of confidence. The atmosphere of the Sex & The City inspired show was palpable and it sang true to the designer and her signature style aesthetic. With a mix of in-season and upcoming styles for Autumn/Winter 2020, white leather and kitten heels were still very much on the trend radar with plenty of 90's inspired straps and square heels.

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Imagery by Michael Ng for Getty Images, New Zealand Fashion Week 2019.

Stolen Girlfriends Club

It's a well-known fact that no one does a show quite like Stolen Girlfriends Club. With their rock 'n' roll come fashion edgy shows, there is no shortage of achingly cool looks from the shows attendees - leather, high octane make up and styling that is sure to leave you inspired. This year, the show paid homage to the 80's with a mix of double denim, high waist lines and red leather. At the end of the show, models showed off their Blunt Umbrellas in collaboration with Stolen Girlfriends Club. The make-up looks created by M.A.C were unparalleled and inspired by the movie, Natural Born Killers. Juliette Lewis' character Mallory was the muse for this year's Stolen girl and took inspiration from mid-west Americana beauty. Razor-sharp lined eyes, and a bold lip accentuated with a lip line - beauty that felt like it was stuck in time in small town America.

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Imagery by Karen Ishiguro for M.A.C at Stolen Girlfriends Club.