Newmarket Zeroes in on Crime

Reading Time: 1 Minute

Newmarket is set to nearly double the number of cameras in the precinct as part of a new Zero Tolerance on crime initiative announced by the Newmarket Business Association (NBA). NBA CEO Mark Knoff-Thomas says “Newmarket is taking a Zero Tolerance approach to crime. We are investing heavily in new technology tools with our CCTV partner Advanced Security. Costs for cameras have become more favourable and technology has improved vastly in recent years. Our new cameras deliver crystal clear pictures both day and night and have the ability to zoom in on very small details over a wide area. Our upgrade was much needed and the new cameras are an invaluable tool for the CCTV monitoring team to identify criminal behaviours Newmarket-wide.”

Knoff-Thomas continues “in addition to this, late last year we established a Newmarket security Think Tank with representatives from Newmarket Police, District Police, private security providers, and Newmarket business members, to work collaboratively to stamp out crime. Currently the NBA is reviewing the street surveillance side of security with the view of increasing street patrols 24/7.”