Newmarket Celebrates the 2022 Rainbow Business Awards

Reading Time: 2 Minutes

For the past 4 years Newmarket Business Association has been a sponsor of the New Zealand Rainbow Business Excellence Awards, in the Executive Leadership category.

The awards celebrate workplace leadership, innovation, best practice and collaboration with organisations committed to rainbow diversity and inclusion.  The awards came into being through a collaboration between: Rainbow Tick, the organisation behind the Rainbow Tick Certification system, synonymous with improved inclusivity and safety in New Zealand workplaces, and South Pacific Pride Ltd., the organisation behind Winter Pride and the Pride Pledge. The awards were first held in 2019, and then followed in 2020, a virtual event in 2021 and now they’re back to being in person again. The awards serve not only to celebrate, but also to amplify this important work, and to accelerate progress.

As a precinct, Newmarket celebrates our diversity and want to make sure everyone in Newmarket feels a sense of inclusion and belonging. We have a fast growing residential populaton, a working population of over 20,000 people and around 350,000 visitors each week. We are a metropolitan town centre, so are as diverse as anywhere. So whether you live, work, socialise, shop, or just commute, in the precinct, whoever you are, whatever your faith, whomever you love, you are welcome here. 

Be yourself - we like it that way. Seriously, be yourself - because everyone else is taken. 

This year’s Rainbow Awards are being held on Friday 30th September. We wish all the finalists, including of course Newmarket brands being represented, all the very best, especially those finalists in the Executive Leadership category. 

Check out our social media channels on Friday for updates @newmarketnz