Newmarket Business Association AGM 2022

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October 21, 2022: 

Newmarket Business Association held its Annual General Meeting on Wednesday 19th October, with a diverse cross section of Newmarket business representatives in attendance.

The Association’s finances are in good order and returned a surplus for the financial year, much of which is rolling over into the new year as the project allocations weren’t completed last year. Much of the discussion revolved around security. “This year’s AGM had a heavy focus on security and what else the Association could be doing to support our businesses. There was unanimous support from the membership to further invest in our security services” said CEO, Mark Knoff-Thomas. “The precinct as a whole is on track to reach a billion dollars in total sales within the next 12 months, based on the current, non-covid-interrupted trend.” he said.

No election was held this year, 7 nominees put themselves forward for selection for the Board. The new Executive Committee for 2022-2023 is: Mark Hill-Rennie (ANZ), Carl Sowter (Marley Loft); Kalpana Reddy (Chow:Hill). Christina Yu (Chinese Herald), Matt Harray (Smith & Caughey’s), Chris Dodd (Masfen Group), and Holly Bennett (Awhi).

About the Newmarket Business Association

The Newmarket Business Association was incorporated in 1937. It is one of the largest business associations of its type in New Zealand and its primary role is to promote and assist all business sectors within the area.