Madewell x Karen Walker launch the ultimate cool girl collab

With the current wave of upcycling and recycling our favourite designer pieces and vintage finds, we are so excited by the upcoming launch of iconic American brand Madewell’s collaboration with local fashion icon Karen Walker.

Launching 15 August, The Madewell x Karen Walker collection was born out of a mutual admiration that the brands shared for each other. Both brands place the same importance on the evanescent idea of elevating our everyday pieces and giving them something a bit more unique.


Having been a stockist of Karen Walker for several years, the Madewell collaboration seems like the most natural progression for the brands and their relationship.  The collection consists of twenty three pieces that were taken from original Karen Walker archives and reenvisioned by Madewell. They were given free reign on the archival blue prints of some of the most well-known and well-loved Karen Walker pieces from the past two decades.

“It was totally intriguing to see some of our favourite designs being rediscovered and reimagined with fresh eyes” says Karen.

It is also confirmation to see just how iconic Karen Walker’s style is with the collection still feeling very authentic and classic.


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We are most excited about seeing denim as the backbone of the collection, playing on the importance of the practicality and utility that the collection so encapsulates. The iconic ‘Walker Wash’ is teamed with archival floral prints that have been given a new twist. The florals play against the denim along with the classic Karen Walker femininity of frills, bows and bell cuffs. Madewell’s more casual approach is poignant throughout the collection, paired back with luxe sweatshirts.

This collection also features three exclusive styles of eyewear in fresh colours – a new update on the Helter Skelter classic and two new styles created especially for the Madewell x Karen Walker collaboration.

The Madewell x Karen Walker collection will be available in the Newmarket Karen Walker store located on 6 Balm street from today.




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