Lunch on the run

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Lunch on the run

As far as New Year’s resolutions go, some stick more than others, and in a perfect world we would stick to our intentions of packing a lunch for work every day. But in all honesty, this is most often short lived. So, if you are wanting to change up your daily dash to grab a bite on your way to a meeting, we have wrapped up a list of some of our favorite lunch stops in Newmarket.

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Serving up some of Newmarket’s best coffee and opening at 7am on weekdays, Altezano is a hard spot to miss on our morning commute. With unique and specialty roasted Altezano Brothers espresso blends, Altezano has gained a dedicated following amongst the coffee crowd. When lunch-time rolls around, we always know their cabinet to be a safe bet, with delicious salads, rolls, scones and more to get us through the afternoon.


1 Kent Street


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This has got to be one of the most popular spots for foodie-grams in Newmarket. Making sushi that is almost too pretty to eat, &Sushi is a fresh option for lunch on-the-go. This sleek and bright lunch spot is a frequent for out-of-office lunch goers. We also recommend trying their dessert sushi…trust us!


12 Teed Street



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Poké Poké

A food trend that is sweeping the nation, Poké bowls are typically a Hawaiian dish that are made of marinated fresh fish with soy sauce, sesame and seaweed. With a build-your-own style menu, Poké bowls are the perfect on-the-go option for a healthy lunch.


17a Remuera Road


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Mutual Friends Espresso

Situated in the heart of Newmarket’s corporate sector, Mutual Friends Espresso are the slick new kids on the block. They run a tight ship when it comes to serving quality coffee and food to boot. Their menu offering consists of açaí and granola bowls, alongside a selection of handmade sandwiches and seasonal salads, as well as a raw treat or two if you are in need of an afternoon pick-me-up.


2 Morgan Street


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Sip Kitchen

Super-foodies will be well familiar with Sip Kitchen, home to a huge offering of whole foods from salads and sandwiches to raw treats and snacks. So whether you are vegan, keto, gluten-free and everything in between, this health-conscious café is the ideal spot to get on the healthy eating buzz during the working week.


12 Melrose Street




Teed Street Larder

Teed Street Larder sits in the heart of Newmarket and is a much-loved haunt for locals. With unbeatable brioches, an array of fresh sandwiches and a menu that’s not to be missed, the Larder’s sunny courtyard is the perfect spot to sit and enjoy some fresh air during the lunch hour.


7 Teed Street


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Eat Mi

This Vietnamese street food spot is the perfect place to grab a quick and healthy bite to eat. Their menu offers classic bites like Bánh mì and Pho, but if a light snack on the way to a meeting is what you’re in need of, we highly recommend the rice paper rolls.


36 Remuera Road






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