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Kate Sylvester opens New Zealand Fashion Week

Last night we celebrated the opening of New Zealand Fashion Week, held at the Auckland Town Hall. The week began with Kate Sylvester’s Love Letters show, a romantic collection inspired by the designer’s parents.

A year ago, Sylvester uncovered a box of love letters that her parents had written to each other during their courtship in the 1950’s and this was the spark that created the AW20 collection.  The collection is full of romance and strength, and in true Kate Sylvester style, indulged the poetic side of the designer.

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The styling of the show played into a mix of romantic, feminine fabrics and silhouettes paired with masculine lines and shapes of the time. Berets and gumboots finished off the war-time looks and handkerchief pocket details were a romantic touch.

The models’ hair and make up was inspired by the designer’s mother on her wedding day. Satin skin, blurred red lips and feathered brows by M.A.C Cosmetics.

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We guarantee that we will be recreating this romantic knotted twist from the show this week as an effortless Fashion Week look. Created by Sean Mahoney using Cloud Nine (@cloudnineoz) and Evo (@evohair).

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Backstage Hair Photography by Luke Foley-Martin.

Runway imagery by Lisa Maree Williams, Getty Images, NZFW 2019.

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