Dear Prime Minister, Let’s Get Moving

At your announcement on 22nd October, you detailed the new COVID-19 Protection Framework, the key milestones, and the additional financial support being made available for business – we thank you for that.

Auckland is entering its 11th week, some 77 days since Level 4 lockdown rules were put in place across our great city. Our businesses are suffering more than ever. There have been numerous closures already. The prospect that many of our businesses will not be able to resume trade for at least a further month will have major implications on livelihoods, well-being and families.

Auckland has heard your call to get vaccinated. As business associations we will continue to actively promote the ‘Get Vaccinated” message. We are on track to reach the 90% double-dose target.

The retail, hospitality, arts, events, entertainment, tourism, and personal service sectors are being unduly disadvantaged. However, many other businesses can carry on, plus now thousands of students are gathering in enclosed classrooms. 

Until we get to the new COVID-19 Protection Framework, we have an urgent request – we respectfully ask that we move to Alert Level 3, Step 3, under the current COVID-19 Alert System, immediately. The framework and guidelines are already in place and our businesses following these COVID guidelines, can trade safely for their staff, suppliers and customers.

We ask that you please take urgent action – to support our local economies and save our businesses. Government handouts are a lifeline, but all we really want to do is trade.

Yours sincerely

Heart of the City

Newmarket Business Association

Parnell Business Association

Ponsonby Business Association

Takapuna Business Association

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