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A Day in the Life of Ross Birch, Executive Chef at Baha Betty

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Where Californian meets Mexican cuisine, Baha Betty on Westfield's rooftop is a bustling restaurant and bar serving up flavoursome plates and even better vibes. We caught up with Executive Chef Ross Birch to see how he spends a day in, and out, of the kitchen.

7AM Wakeup time. I read my emails first thing to check daily delivery notes on our fresh fish expectations and any other ingredient deliveries or shortages.

8AM I get my son Charlie out of bed and ready for the day, flick the kettle on, have a quick bite to eat and head out the door for school drop off.

9:15AM I arrive at Baha Betty, firstly checking our fresh produce for quality, price and temperature to ensure these meet food health and safety standards. I do a lap of the kitchen to get all of our equipment fired up ahead of cooking.

10AM I put my chef uniform on and start the prep - chopping vegetables and herbs, marinating meat, and blitzing sauces ahead of time so we are ready for the day ahead.

11:30AM-3PM The doors are open for our lunch service and it’s all go as tables begin to fill up, especially on the weekends. Diners are wanting a quick and light bite to eat, so I am often cooking tacos, nachos or one of Betty’s Philly Cheese Steak rolls, which can all be plated up in no time.

3PM After the lunch rush, there is time for a break so I try to get outside for a walk around Newmarket and make myself a meal. I also give the kids a quick call to catch up on their day at school.

5PM-9PM Back to the kitchen to set up for dinner service and prepare for the next rush of diners. Part of my role as the executive chef is to manage the chaos of the kitchen and make sure every dish is tasting and looking superb, in authentic Baha Betty style.

9:30PM Once the majority of customers have cleared out, I check the stock levels and place any orders for next day delivery, followed by a thorough clean down of the kitchen.

10PM It’s time to clock off after a long day and head home. I watch a bit of Netflix with a beer or a cup of tea to relax before bedtime!

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