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Celebrating 50 years of PUMA Suede

In honour of PUMA Suede’s 50th anniversary, last week, guests of PUMA New Zealand celebrated to mark the occasion with a night of food, drinks, entertainment and live performances from special guests: Matthew Young, Teeks & The Katayanagi Twins.


Iconic heritage PUMA Suede’s showcased at the event were flow in from Australia to celebrate the 50 year milestone, as well as the first ever PUMA Suede from the original Suede collection released in 1968. Alongside the mix of Suede’s, PUMA’s Future History campaign was also on display, featuring a diverse profile of iconic individuals such as Teeks, Hollie Smith, Montel2099, P-Money, and The Katayanagi Twins, who were wearing the Suede’s to match their unique styles.


Commanding half a century with its understated cool, the Suede is an essential in any sneaker collection. PUMA is available from Loaded in Newmarket.


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