Pita Pit


At Pita Pit each pita is made to order so you can have what you want in your meal and it’s so quick you don’t even get an order number! Pita Pits are open late so even after a night out you’ll still have a healthy option available.
We use the freshest and best quality ingredients. You’ll see real meat put on the grill. The taste of grilled meat is like nothing else with the aroma building anticipation for your meal.
Pita Pit is a fun place to be. Meat sizzling on the grill, fresh colours, lighting, and décor make it a comfortable place to sit, eat a pita and read the paper or talk with friends. Pita Pit offers a special atmosphere and experience you’ll want to come back to.



123 Carlton Gore Rd


09 522 7213

Business Hours:


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