Edu Kingdom College

Edu-Kingdom College takes a ‘future-oriented’ approach towards education. The truth is, the world is changing every day, and our children hold the key to our future. For this reason, it is important to ensure that what students learn is relevant to the curriculum and is up-to-date.

Edu-Kingdom College believes that communication between teachers and students is a two-way process. For a positive and effective learning experience to occur, a positive relationship between the college, teacher and student is essential. By promoting a positive relationship within the classroom, students are assured that their thoughts, effort and learning are valued.

Significance plays a key role in promoting deep learning and understanding in  students. Edu-Kingdom College believes that students learn best if they can establish a purpose for what they are learning and studying. Through quality teaching, students will be able to develop clear and realistic goals, as well as engage in a learning experience that is meaningful to them.

Whilst there is a strong focus on academic development, Edu-Kingdom College also aims to facilitate social development in students. As students interact and work collaboratively with their peers, they are progressively developing social skills, morals and ethics. This is particularly important for fostering social competency, as well as helping individuals become active participants in the local and broader community.



3 Margot Street, Epsom


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