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Beauty Buzz with The Cosmetic Clinic

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When you’re entrusting a clinic with your skin concerns, you want to know that you’re in good hands. Touch base at Newmarket’s newest skin clinic, The Cosmetic Clinic. If you’re serious about good skin, then you will most likely have heard about The Cosmetic Clinic, a brand that has gained a loyal following across New Zealand for its skincare treatments, cosmetic injectables and laser hair removal services. We caught up with owners James and Jennifer Dench to find out more about Newmarket’s newest opening inside Westfield Newmarket...

N. How did you come to be involved with The Cosmetic Clinic?

We have been involved with the brand for over two years. We saw the redevelopment of Westfield Newmarket as a great opportunity to set up a Cosmetic Clinic in one of the most high profile retail environments in New Zealand.

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N. Can you tell us more about the brand?

The Cosmetic Clinic is all about helping clients look and feel good about themselves by providing treatments which are affordable, good value, accessible and effective. We use the latest medical grade equipment and all our technicians are experienced, qualified and extensively trained. Our cosmetic injectors are either doctors or registered nurses with specialised training in injectables.

N. What treatments do you offer?

We provide laser hair removal, skin treatments (for example microdermabrasion, LED light therapy, Micro-needling, peels) and cosmetic injectables including anti-wrinkle injections, dermal filler, lip filler, excessive sweating and skin hydrators.

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N.What are some of the most common concerns that people visit The Cosmetic Clinic for?

People visit The Cosmetic Clinic for a wide range of reasons, the most common include unwanted hair, acne, facial veins, pigmentation and ageing.

N. What skincare routine do you follow yourself?

In the morning, I use a gentle cleanser, followed by an anti-aging serum, moisturiser and SPF. In the evening, I use gentle cleanser or a skin resurfacing cleanser, followed by a revitalising serum, eye cream and moisturiser.

N. How would you best recommend looking after your skin with the change in season?

As the seasons change, so should your skin care routine. With the cold we are experiencing at the moment, we tend to use a lot of artificial heating which can lead to dehydrated skin. As a result, we need to add more nourishing skin care products into our routine. Combine this with regular microdermabrasions as the microdermabrasion helps increase the cellular turnover of the skin which can become sluggish in winter.

N. There has been a rise in ‘trending’ (and expensive) beauty treatments, that we’ve seen helped by the likes of social media and celebrities with a much more open dialogue about it. Have you noticed an increase/new market for procedures and treatments amongst the younger age demographic because of this?

In our view, the ‘trending’ has helped normalise our sector of the beauty industry. It used to be that clients within the higher income earning bracket aged from late 30’s onwards would be the ones who could afford to have their lips done or undergo advanced skin treatments such as laser rejuvenation. Often such treatments were performed in a well-hidden clinic away from peering eyes. Nowadays the treatments are more accessible and affordable and we see a broader age range of clients coming in to invest in their skin.

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N. Do you think that the stigma around cosmetic procedures has lessened in recent years?

The combination of affordability, accessibility and increased awareness through platforms such as social media have definitely reduced the stigma. More and more people, if they haven’t had a treatment themselves, know someone who has had a cosmetic procedure such as laser hair removal or an anti-wrinkle treatment. Laser hair removal and anti-ageing treatments are becoming more and more normal for the everyday New Zealander.

N. What do you love most about Newmarket?

We love the allure of Newmarket being the shopping capital of Auckland, the place that everybody knows to be the destination of shopping which will be enhanced by the new mall opening. In addition being a transport hub makes getting here easy and it has it’s own vibe that makes you feel like you are in a special place.

N. Favourite place to grab a bite to eat (in Newmarket)?

We often stop into Safran for lunch, we love the atmosphere and friendly staff.

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N. What are your top 5 skincare essentials?

1. Balense Microdermal Gentle Cleanser

2. Balense Moisturiser

3. Balense Microdermal Cleansing Scrub

4. Balense UV Defiance SPF 50+

5. Balense Ageless Eye Cream

N. On social media, beauty and skincare are being spoken about a lot and in a more diverse way. Do you think that men and women are being educated from a younger age about the benefits of skincare and understand the importance more than ever?

Yes we do, it is so important to look after your skin from a young age. Damage to the skin while you are young, even though it may not be visible at the time, will likely appear as you age. The better you look after your skin from a young age, the better your skin will look in the future.

N. What products or treatments would you recommend for someone who hasn’t tried many skin/facial treatments before?

Our high performance 10-step microdermabrasion is a great starting treatment. This treatment helps to stimulate your skin’s collagen production and natural rejuvenation process by gently removing dead surface cells. It helps to refresh dull skin. This treatment is an effective introductory treatment for all skin types.

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N. How have social media and technology impacted the way you do business?

Social media enables us to reach a wider range of people compared to traditional marketing. It is easier and faster to get your message to the consumer. As a result, a lot of our communication is through non-traditional marketing platforms. Having been founded by a Cosmetic Physician, we have always had robust treatment protocols and procedures. In today’s viral world of social media where it is incredibly easy for people to post negative comments, ensuring that our team continue to adhere to our protocols is critical.

Westfield Newmarket | Level 2 (next to Chemist Warehouse) | @thecosmeticclinicnz

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