Alex Perry launches his latest Specsavers range

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Recognised internationally on the fashion scene, Australian designer Alex Perry is most often seen with a pair of glasses on his head. Perry has been synonymous with adding fashion forward frames to the Specsavers range, an extension of his natural flair for design and fashion, adding stylish and timeless touches to his eyewear styles, with glossy finishes, gold and crystal details. Adding to his existing range, Alex Perry has also recently launched his new eyewear collection for men, available exclusively at Specsavers. The Alex Perry eyewear collection features contemporary updates to classic styles and is available now, starting from $299 for 2 pairs of single vision lenses.

You’ve had a long-running relationship with Specsavers as an ambassador, bringing your high fashion aesthetic to their range of frames. How did you become involved with the brand?

It was a really natural collaboration as I’ve worn glasses since I was a child and my frames have become a statement part of my look. Prior to being approached by the team I’d started to venture into accessories, so when they got in touch I jumped at the chance.

I think some people can think of their frames as a necessity, rather than an opportunity to have fun with their look. That’s why I love having the opportunity to work with optical frames and bring together the expertise of the Specsavers optometry team with a high-fashion aesthetic.


Do you have a favourite pair from the range?

Oh that’s a difficult one – there are so many favourites! I think the most popular styles in my new collection will be Alex Perry 68 – a tortoiseshell frame that features a twisted arm with SwarovskiÒ  crystal detailing and the over-sized square sunglasses style that complements it – Alex Perry Sun Rx 45.

I also love the exaggerated cat’s eye glasses in marbled blue; we’ve added some SwarovskiÒ detailing for a day-to-night look. I also have a soft spot for the Alex Perry 67 frames. They have a pearlescent leopard print effect on the arms which adds another element to the glossy black frames – great for the office. I really think there is something for everyone, including men, in the new range so I hope everyone can find their favourite.


Have your clothing collections had an influence on the design of the frames? If so, in what way?

The process for designing my clothing collection and eyewear collection is actually very similar. When I come together with the team at Specsavers to start a new collection, we start by thinking through the material, shape, and the end customer, brainstorming ideas and pulling together reference points. Then it develops from there; we test what works and what doesn’t, then tweak the designs until we land on the perfect frames. It doesn’t always come together straight away, but I really enjoy working with the team and there’s no better feeling than when I see the complete collection. I would definitely say that the same design aesthetic seen in my garments is reflected in my eyewear collections. I love crisp, chic lines that create bold silhouettes. A collection isn’t complete without a fun statement pair or two – this time I’ve included some pink crystal acetate frames as they are so playful but still fashion-forward and will go great with most skin tones.


What were some design elements that were important to you when designing the eyewear collection?

I know some people find it difficult to choose their perfect frame, so it’s always really important to me that my collections include a variety of styles so everyone can find something for them. I’m a huge fan of sunglasses (I have so many pairs!) so I always ensure there are at least a few in every range that I collaborate with the Specsavers team on. It’s also really important to me that we include a mix of shapes for different face shapes – in this collection we have cat’s eyes, square, bow-shaped and some beautiful oversized frames.


What do you think is important to consider when buying/choosing a pair of glasses or sunglasses?

Choosing frames is a very personal thing, so above all its about finding something that you feel amazing in. When shopping you should consider shape, material and colour to find something that suits you, but also consider your lifestyle. If you want to switch from day to night with ease, maybe choose something with a little sparkle, but if you’re lifestyle is more outdoorsy, you could look for something more practical. I love that you can select two designer styles for $299 from Specsavers because then you can have different frames for different occasions.

My number one piece of advice would be to try as many frames as possible – that’s the only way you’ll work out what is right for you and what isn’t. Make sure you’re trying styles that put you out of your comfort zone too; you wouldn’t believe how many times I’ve frame styled someone and they’ve ended up loving a pair that they weren’t exactly keen on at first. Of course, ensure you’re getting your eyes tested every two years too – a correct prescription is very important! Finally – make sure you post all of your spec selfies to social with #LoveGlasses and @SpecsaversNewZealand for a chance to score a holiday to the value of $5,000 plus $1,000 spending money for your trip, along with a year’s supply of designer glasses from the Specsavers team!


Alex Perry eyewear available at Specsavers.