June Day In The Life Of

A day in the life of Greg Holland, owner and designer at Greg Holland Fine Jewellery

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Greg Holland is an award winning fine-jeweller, based in Newmarket. During his 26 year career, Greg has had many notable commissions, including assisting in crafting pieces for the likes of Elle Macpherson and has even had pieces worn at the Oscars. Greg works closely with his customers to create bespoke pieces for a number of occasions. 


I am lucky enough to live at the beach so I like to start the day with a walk or a run, followed by a swim (in the summer - as it’s a bit fresh even for me, in May!) then home for breakfast with the family. We all tend to tumble out of the house by 7am.


I commute into Newmarket by ferry, which I love. From Gulf Harbour it is a 50-minute journey and it’s a really relaxing and productive time for me, planning and scheduling my day. After disembarking Downtown, I walk over to Britomart and catch the train up to work.

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I grab a coffee (my major weakness) at Safran and open for the day, putting my stock out on display. I reply to emails, make calls to my suppliers for updates on requests I’ve made for customers and prepare for client meetings.


This is typically the time of day where I have customer meetings, which can be anything from an initial consultation to a fitting of a piece in progress. My favourite kind of meeting though, is that final one – where the client gets to put the finished piece on their finger for the first time. They have been on the journey with me designing the piece so the reactions are always priceless.

Greg Holland Water Colour


I generally have a late lunch. If I’ve been slack and not brought my own lunch, I like to support my Lumsden Green neighbours, which often consists enjoying a classic Al Salmone pizza at Archies or something from the menu downstairs at The Lumsden.


Mid-afternoon is usually my design time, this is one of my favourite parts of the day. Most often, I am working on a concept for a customer and there’s an idea that’s been playing around in my head, and I try to get it down on paper with pencil and watercolour paints, to capture the essence of it.

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I secure the stock back in the safe, clean the studio and If I have time, I may have a quick drink at The Lumsden, before heading back into town to catch the ferry.


I like to cook and find it the perfect wind down after work. We are a family that makes a point of eating together and we love to share the news of the day around the table, over dinner.


The teenagers are in bed and you’ll find me either doing some planning or just relaxing with my wife for a chat or a Netflix catch-up.

53 Davis Crescent |  www.greghollandjewellery.co.nz