5 things you need for a stylish living room

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The heart of every home; the living room.

From cosy movie nights to midnight parties, the living room is the hub that gathers all guests into your home. The perfect living room effortlessly blends style and comfort to make even your downtime a luxurious experience. From plush throws to trendsetting decor, we’ve curated a list of 5 things that are sure to elevate your lounging game. 

1. Quirk & Charm 

Fun home decor is on the rise and set the trend within your friend group by introducing playful elements to your space. Beyond aesthetics, quirky homeware is the secret sauce for a dynamic and lively area. If you don’t know where to start, begin with small additions like coasters or vases. These are a great option that allows you to explore your preferences without making huge statements.

2. Cushion Couture

Perfect for impromptu Netflix nights to make your couch even more comfortable. Adding cushions is a great way to change up styles throughout the seasons. For summer select a lighter colours such a soft yellows and baby pinks and for winter opt for a more earthly palette. Play around with textures and patterns too for some extra fun.

3. Warm Embrace

The snug levels of your living room will lift immediately after adding throw blankets to your couch. More than just a layer of warmth, these cozy companions style your space without added effort. Chose from different colours and textures that match the aesthetic of your space. By doing this, they aren’t just functional but also a chic accessory for your haven of relaxation. If you opt for leather couches, throws are also the perfect addition to soften these colder pieces. 

4. Table Talk

Dress your coffee table with hand-picked books which spark conversations all while giving your space a cozy, yet stylish feel. With lots of options to choose from, select books that match the colour or vibe of your living room. These books are the perfect filler for any empty space whether that be a coffee table or a shelving cabinet. Whether the main use be decor or unwinding after a long day, snuggle up on the couch with reads about your favourite designers.

5. Home Gallery

Who said art can only be found in galleries? Brighten your home with a vibrant canvas, a favourite print or a sculptural masterpiece that you can’t take your eyes off. Start by finding pieces that make a statement about your individuality or tell a story that makes you feel something, by following this you’ll fall in love with certain pieces that you’ll enjoy waking up to every day. Art can set the tone of a room with big statement pieces creating an atmosphere of intensity or smaller pieces forming a softer environment.

Art pieces can be found all over Newmarket in various stores such as The Poi Room or Sanderson Contemporary Art Gallery.

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