4 tips to host the best Christmas party 

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Consider yourself lucky if you have been crowned as the host of this year’s Christmas party. The responsibility that comes with this role is often dreaded however, we prefer to look at it as both exciting and significant. The aim of any Christmas gathering is to create an experience for all those lucky enough to be invited and to ensure you exceed all expectations, we’ve listed some top tips that’ll help you shine as the designated host.

Prepare to dazzle your guests with a magically festive Christmas celebration! 

1. Drinks for all

With summer expected to be much better than last (although that shouldn't be hard to top!) make sure your guests are well-refreshed with plenty of drink options. Christmas gatherings aren't the same without sparkling grape juice so make sure you are sorted in that department and if you're after something different, why not try Good George's Aotearoa Christmas Gin.

2. Treats at arm's reach

Whether you're a laid-back BBQ family or spend the whole morning cooking a full English roast, don't hold back in supplying your guests with as many treats as possible before the main course. It's the time of the year when we can all indulge in our guilty pleasures and if that means munching back a few too many chocolate Santas then so be it! For those who love fruit mince pies at Christmas, Daily Bread offers a box of either traditional strawberry or a sour cherry.

3. Decorate to the nines

It wouldn’t be a Christmas party without incorporating festive decorations! This non-negotiable element will immerse your guests in a Christmas spirit as soon as they step through the doors. There are simple ways to liven up your home whether that be fairy lights strung from wall to wall or burning a Christmas candle so the smell of delicious gingerbread sweeps throughout the front door. 

Or if you’re feeling really Christmas-y, why not head into one of our fabric stores and get crafty! There are a plethora of Christmas-coloured fabrics to make festive bunting from.


4. Glam up your table

Play around with Christmas colours and patterns to curate a fun table setting perfect for your gathering.

The easiest way to achieve a harmonious yet chic look lies in selecting key colours and using them as the foundation for your decorations. Let your creativity and the magic of Christmas flow by embracing fun and bright colours or stick with a classical theme that is instantly recognisable.

The best thing about Christmas decorating is that it doesn’t need to be perfect. It's beauty lies in its joyous imperfections, so make sure you have fun with your table settings!

And if you don’t know where to begin, lining your table with candles or scattering candy canes for some fun is a good place to start! 

We've popped some themes below for inspiration!

Pretty & Pink

Candycane Dream

Gold Luxury