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Zoe & Morgan introduce the Floating World collection

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Zoe & Morgan are celebrating the launch of their 29th collection, Floating World.

Exploring the idea of a surreal world and freedom to express where regular rules don't apply, the family-run jewellery brand were inspired by the Japanese Edo period. A time that evoked a culture of hedonistic night-life and art.

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The namesake for this collection came from two great Japanese artists who worked within this time period, Hokusai and Hiroshige. This collection plays with the idea of leaving the daily obligations behind, contrasting this with an imagined floating world. Freedom is a core value at Zoe & Morgan and they have reflected this through different aspects of Floating World, paying homage to the moments when society loosens its constraints and where creativity, art and love blossoms.

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The brand's collections always have some association with the celestial - ​Floating World ​is an ever changing canvas of luminous stars and celestial bodies. When designing, the team worked with soft, rounded shapes set against sharp, geometrical lines and graphics.

Available online and at the Zoe & Morgan Newmarket showroom.

6B Kent Street | @zoeandmorgan