Your Best Friend Gym

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Who said going to the gym can't be fun? Although motivation to get to the gym can come in ebbs and flows, sometimes a new outfit to wear is just what you need to spark new motivation and inspiration! Newmarket has an array of fitness stores, with these tried and tested products that are designed with different workouts in mind. We have rounded up some top tier outfits for all kinds of gym activity, to get you feeling your best and hitting those health goals.

What to wear to...

1. Pilates

When you're hitting a Pilates workout you want to feel comfortable yet held in place for all the pulses, planks and pikes! A soft and stretchy cotton is breathable and soft, allowing you full range of motion. Grippy socks from Lorna Jane keep you strong and stable, giving you that extra confidence to lock on the red spring! A fun graphic jumper and chunky sneakers will take you straight to your post pilates brunch, looking effortless and perfectly understated.

Kookai Newry Crop $50
DIESEL Wt09 Trousers $369.90 available at Brave

Mitchell & Ness New York Nicks Crewneck $140 available at Stirling Sports
Salomon XT-6 $339.99 available at HypeDC
Lorna Jane Icon Pilates Grippy Sock $25


Think burpees, tuck jumps and squats - are you tired already? Same. HIIT asks a lot from you, as well as your workout gear! So be ready. This Nike Swoosh Sports Bra will make sure you're held in for all of those jumps, and the Under Armour Meridian Leggings will stay firmly in place - so you can focus on your workout and not worry about having to constantly pull your tights back up. Adidas' Ultra Boosts will give you that extra spring and athleticism you need to get through your session. And of course, don't forget to hydrate and keep that pony and energy up high!

Nike Swoosh Sports Bra $50
Under Armour Meridian Ultra High Rise Leggings $120

Adidas Ultraboost Light Shoes $300
Frank Green 1L Drink Bottle $65 available at David Jones
Lululemon Hair Ties 3 Pack $19

3. Hot Girl Walk

Any walk can be a hot girl walk, all that is needed is you. Think comfy and casual, and that perfect amount of put together, just in case you run into your ex (also sturdy enough for you to run away in). Not too much thought and energy is required for this Glassons Supersoft Unitard, just throw it on and you're ready to go. Ankle socks paired with some sleek New Balances add some edge to the outfit, and top it off with some sunnies and a headband so you can stylishly saunter around and avoid anyone if need be.

Glassons Active Supersoft Unitard $39.99
New Balance 550 $219 available at Fabric
The Warehouse Crew Socks 5 Pack $12
Decjuba Eloise Cat Eye Sunglasses $29.90
Dash Black Headband $5.50 available at Countdown

4. Boxing

The perfect workout to let some frustration out, if you ask us. Stay cool and mobile in Lululemon's Wunder Train Shorts and Action Always Tank, with superb sweat wicking capabilities. Get geared up with some wraps from Studio Box, and adidas boxing gloves - who said boxing can't be cute? To top the look off, throw on some Nike Free Metcon - the perfect shoe to give you some bounce and freedom as you hit those 1s and 2s, but will still keep your feet and ankles stable for lateral movement.

Lululemon Wunder High Rise Train Shorts $99
Lululemon Action Always Tank $75

Adidas Boxing Gloves $99.99 available at Rebel Sport
Studio Box Wraps $25
Nike Free Metcon 5 $210

5. Swimming

Swimming is a great alternative and low impact cardio, you'll be feeling that endorphin rush as soon as you step out of the pool! Opt for a fun colour with this Speedo Swimsuit in a vibrant electric blue, that'll still keep you feeling like your usual stylish self even in a pair of togs. Keep it simple and sleek with these Arena goggles and Orca cap in black. These Under Armour slides will keep you comfortable from changing room to poolside, and this Baina Pool Towel will wrap you up like a warm hug once your swim sesh is complete.

Speedo Eco Endurance Swimsuit $74.99 available at Torpedo7
Baina Erin Pool Towel $130 available at Fabric

Arena Drive 3 Goggles $19.99 available at Rebel Sport
Orca Silicone Swim Cap $19.99 available at Torpedo7
Under Armour Slides $50

6. Strength Training

The ideal workout fit for a strength training session needs to be sweat wicking, comfortable and make you feel confident to grab that heavier dumbbell. Since you likely won't be jumping around as much as do in HIIT or boxing, a sports bra with a fun and strappy back that has light to medium support is the perfect way to add some style to your workout clothes. Just like this Lorna Jane Flex Rib Sports Bra.

Make it a matching set with the Kick Shorts, in a bright colour. A flatter, more stable shoe is optimal for strength training so you can grip the floor properly and make sure your technique stays perfect! Finish the look off with a hat for some strength day sass, and a puffer to keep you work post session.

Lorna Jane Flex Active Rib Kick Short $100
Lorna Jane Flex Rib Sports Bra $109

PE Nation Get Back Cap $65 available at Superette
Lululemon Wunder Puff Jacket $309
Nike Metcon 8 $220 available at StyleRunner