2018 sees the continuation of an 8-week internship partnership between Otago Polytechnic’s Fashion Design School, Newmarket, and the iconic fashion powerhouse, WORLD. Following on from the success of last years chosen intern, Ivy, who was offered employment upon finishing her internship, WORLD are taking Katharina Stapper under their wing for the next 8 weeks – an amazing opportunity! Katharina will be updating us each week about her experience over the course of her internship. Meet Katharina…

Week One:

My internship at WORLD has started, and what an exciting week it has been! I got to meet all the amazing people that work for WORLD and what their roles are; which was very intriguing as I got to learn how the production line in a fashion-house works when the garments are made in New Zealand. My very first task at WORLD was to sew on labels to the handkerchiefs, I thoroughly enjoyed this as I could not wait to get back on the sewing machine! The week continued with me checking garments and finishing little details off so that they were ready to be put into the stores. I also got to help with cutting out sample garments to industrial standards. During this first little while I have already learned so much, and I am looking forward to the coming weeks!


Week Two:

Where has this past week gone?! My time at WORLD is flying by and I find myself at the end of my second week already. I am enjoying the internship more and more as time goes on – it is such an amazing place to learn all the ins and outs in the fashion industry and I will have learnt so much by the end of these 8 weeks. Following on from my first week at WORLD I have continued with learning how to cut sample garments out of difficult fabrics such as chiffon. This has been a very valuable lesson as you get to realise the quality of the cuts and the time and effort that goes into it. I have also been helping the lovely Amita with some stock allocation which is always fun to do as you get to see all the amazing new garments that are heading out to the stores!



Week Three:

This week during my internship I have really focussed on helping Sophie with cutting, it’s such a great opportunity to be a part of sampling as I learn so much about the process. I was also fortunate to be involved with the beauty products this week they are all so special as you probably would not find these anywhere else in New Zealand and I got to smell some incredible perfume!! Later in the week I joined Amita on a little round trip to all the stores and delivered new stock, which was amazing as I got to explore all the Auckland stores and they are all so exquisitely presented. Another week has past and I am continuing to learn how this successful brand operates.


Week Four:

Now that I’m half way through my internship I thought I would do a learning reflection on what knowledge I have gained during my four weeks so far. My time at WORLD has been incredible; I have learned so many skills that only an opportunity like this can provide. My colleague Sophie has shown me the ropes of fabric sample-cutting and how she deals with the special orders, (she even trusted me to cut out a special order) this has definitely been one of my most valuable lessons. Working with Amita the production coordinator, has thought me how her side of the workroom operates, with re-stocking stores, allocating garments, stocktake and how WORLD beauty operates. Overall my four weeks have been amazing! The only negative thing I have to say is that time is going too fast!!


Week Five:

And just like that, another week has gone! In my fifth week I have been involved with re-stocking stores; making deliveries to the stores in Newmarket, Britomart and Ponsonby. It’s interesting to see how that side of the brand works; it must be precise and you can’t miss anything. Meeting most of the staff that work in the Auckland stores has been great, you really get to know the whole WORLD family. It’s amazing to see everyone working so close with each other, whether you work in the workroom or in retail! Onto the sixth week!


Week Six:

And another week has past…it is now my second to last week! I got to do a variety of different jobs this week. I did most of the deliveries to the Auckland stores, where I learned how to transfer stock to different stores and unpacked a few unique beauty products. I then helped with picking a few garments for stylists, and dropped some garments off at Remix magazine. I also went with Benny, one of the Directors at WORLD, to look at some fabric for the next season which was very exciting and interesting!


Final Week:

My last week at WORLD…or is it?! Time went so incredibly fast! I have had the best time at WORLD, it has been an amazing 8 weeks! I have learnt so much about WORLD and about the fashion industry. And best of all, I have met some incredible kind people! Working with WORLD has made me appreciate New Zealand design so much more, and how important it is to make good really good quality garments, and to try to keep the making onshore to keep business alive. The big news is that WORLD has offered me employment as a Workroom Assistant and their Retail Operator! I’m so exited to start this new role. I couldn’t thank the Newmarket Business Association enough for this amazing experience! I am so very grateful.

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