Where to find Newmarket's best desserts

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Calling all sweet tooths. If you have an affection for the sweeter things in life, whether it be for that afternoon pick-me-up or a late-night dessert run, we’re not short of spots that will have you hitting that sugar high. We have noted down all the must-dos when it comes to trying the delightfully sweet treats and decadent desserts that Newmarket has to offer.

One of the first things that comes to mind when we think of dessert is ice cream… and our guilty pleasure is Duck Island! The moment you step inside Duck Islands pink-walled scoop shop, you know you're in for a treat with their deliciously different flavours all on display. From classic milk chocolate to slightly quirky yet equally decadent seasonal flavours, you can rest assured that any flavour you order will satisfy your sweet tooth! 

If you want to indulge that little bit further, their ice cream sandwiches always go down a treat. What would be more delicious than ice cream between freshly baked cookies dipped and sprinkled in whatever flavour you decide. Our favourite will always be the classic cookies and cream - we are addicted.

Duck Island // 2-8 Osborne Street

There is something so tasty about an old-fashioned milkshake and when it comes to the classics, Burger Burger does it best. From traditional flavours to special in-house creations BB serves up some of the best shakes in town. To make things even better, all classic flavours can be ordered dairy-free for our lactose-intolerant friends.

Burger Burger // 3B York Street

Movenpick is not only known for their ice cream, they have an extensive menu of treats to suit all sugary cravings. Whether it’s their famous crepes or stacked waffles, Movenpick has it all. They are also open till midnight so it makes for a great go-to spot after a movie at the Rialto Cinemas.

Another great spot to hit if you've just watched a movie at EVENT Cinemas is Island Gelato. Offering scoops of sweetness, this gelato spot is an absolute must. Their velvety flavours make deciding hard so if you need help, their salted caramel topped with white chocolate is our go-to.

For something offering more warmth, Criss Cross inside Westfield is the ultimate haven for waffle lovers. Choose from their selection of toppings and experience a sugar high like none before.

Movenpick // 118 Broadway

Criss Cross // 277 Broadway

If you’re fading into the afternoon slump and need a sugar hit to get you out onto the other side alive, we have to let you in on a little secret...Newbie, Leafe Cafe and Little & Friday are home to a delicious selection of cabinet sweet treats. Each offers the finest selection of slices, cakes and tarts so no matter the craving, you'll be sure to satisfy it. Served best with a 2pm coffee to make those long afternoons go by faster.

If you're a Tiramisu lover, stopping by Pastarita or Arte Della Pasta is a must. Both are made with family recipes so you know that with every spoonful you'll taste years of refinement. Whether you enjoy it in-store or prefer to take it home, this creamy smooth dessert is the perfect way to finish the night off.

Newbie // 33 Broadway

Little & Friday // 11 McColl Street

For those who want to get straight to the sweet point, Krispy Kreme’s deliciously sticky glazed doughnuts that have gained a cult following are sure to get you through the day. Their classic doughnuts never let us down and with new seasonal flavours, how could they?

Krispy Kreme // 309 Broadway

All we have to say is, if you’re going to commit to that sweet temptation, make sure you do it right by seeking out these amazing desserts that are right under your nose in Newmarket.

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