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Westfield Newmarket Project Update

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Great progress has been made on the Westfield Newmarket site with the centre on track to be fully operational by Christmas 2019. Multiple openings will be taking place from the second half of the year.

The area bordering Mortimer/Broadway/ Clovernook

Construction of the two-level glass airbridge located on Mortimer Pass has commenced. Built off-site in Whangarei, the 12 metre high airbridge is being installed in three parts. It’s completion by late July will present a significant milestone, as both sites join arms to become one flagship centre.

The exterior has also developed, as the façade works in the form of pre-cast panels and floor-to-ceiling glazing wraps its way around the structure. The Farmers fit out is almost complete, while large sections of the mall are already tiled in preparation for the remaining fit outs.

The area bordering Mortimer/Gilles/Morrow

With well over three quarters of the structural steel now up, progress on the former 277 site has catapulted ahead. The construction team is busy pouring up to 2000 sq. m. of concrete per week, while tiles are already being laid on completed levels.

Construction of the Broadway façade is soon to commence, with new hoardings in place to contain works and ensure pedestrians are unaffected.

Did you know ...

  • The airbridge that will stretch across Mortimer Pass will require 60 tonnes of steel by the time it’s complete
  • A phenomenal 30 tonnes of glass will also be required, due to the sheer volume of glazing including a glass roof overarching the two-level walkway connecting levels two and three of the centre

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Mortimer Pass Update

Mortimer Pass will now reopen on 25 July for completion of civil works on behalf of Auckland transport.

Road and footpath upgrades

As part of our Resource Consent, Scentre Group is fulfilling a range of street upgrades for Auckland Transport, that will improve roads, footpaths, crossings and the overall aesthetic of the precinct.

Where possible, night works will be in place to reduce the impact to pedestrians and commuters, while traffic controllers will be engaged to support traffic flow and ensure safety.


  • Clovernook Road – façade installation, road and footpath improvements between May – June with lane closures and traffic management in place.
  • 309 Broadway – façade installation between now and June as the footpath continues to be closed during this period.
  • Mortimer Pass – airbridge installation, road and footpath improvements now until 25 July, with road and lane closures and traffic management in place (see notification further on).
  • 277 Broadway – façade installation between May - August with a hoardings in place to protect pedestrians.
  • Morrow Street – intersection, footpath and road improvements between June – August with lane closures, traffic management and temporary footpaths in place.
  • Gilles Ave – façade installation, road and footpath improvements between May – July with lane closures, temporary footpaths and traffic management in place.


Unveiling Westfield Newmarket

Westfield Newmarket openings commence from quarter two this year, unveiling three new levels of retail including the new-format Farmers, first-to-market Coco Republic featuring L’Americano café and a mix of international and local brands.

Auckland’s first rooftop dining and lifestyle precinct, ‘Rooftop on Broadway,’ will closely follow. Anchored by White + Wong’s & Sardine Cocktail Bar, the precinct will feature Something & Social and eight new restaurants.

White Wongs Announcement High Res 42 Of 45 828x1240

In addition, Westfield Newmarket’s fresh food market will open, offering a unique mix of market style experiences and artisan eateries such as Bird on a Wire, Tai Ping and more.

A number of new and first-to-market retailers have also been announced. Archie Brothers Cirque Electriq, a popular new entertainment phenomenon heralding from Australia, will arrive on New Zealand shores for the first time.

Bird On A Wire Westfiled Newmarket 828x552

Favourite Kiwi brands Rebel Sport, Torpedo 7 and Kathmandu complement the raft of lifestyle brands on offer, while local favourite Noel Leeming is also confirmed.

The extensive fashion offer of over 130 retailers will unfold over several months, that will see a premium fashion mall anchored by Auckland’s first-ever David Jones. The two-level store will be around 3500 sq. m. per floor and home to hundreds of brands, interactive fitting rooms, a 'beauty hall', two personal shopping suites and a designer accessories area. It aims to combine the best of local and international brands, including new-to-market brands, "in one place".

David Jones will be flanked by an international fashion precinct, with both malls connected via the airbridge.

Q&A: John Tiller, Project Director, Scentre Group Construction

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Project Director, John Tiller is no stranger to building shopping centres. With eight Scentre Group projects under his belt, Westfield Newmarket is his first New Zealand project, making the development somewhat of a home- coming’ for the Kiwi engineer who has worked on projects around the world.

1. What has been the most exciting aspect of the project for you so far?
It’s always about the people. In years to come, you might only remember one or two things about the actual works, but you will remember the people and the experiences we had pulling this amazing project together.

2. What have been the biggest challenges bringing a project of this scale to life?
Communication between the various groups within the team, particularly at this scale. Auckland’s construction boom has also increased the demand for subcontractors, which has also been challenging.

3. From your experience, what impact will the new Westfield Newmarket have on the community?
If past projects are anything to go by, developments like this change the dynamic of the precinct, lifting activity of the whole neighbourhood. People tend to move past the disruption of the construction relatively quickly and start to enjoy a revived entertainment and shopping district. Newmarket will be no exception.

Monty makes a cameo appearance in Newmarket

Screen Shot 2019 05 16 At 9.06.58 Am

Westfield Newmarket’s Monty the Monkey returned to the hood recently, visiting local primary and pre schools after a long break during the Westfield Newmarket rebuild. Unsurprisingly, Monty was met with huge excitement after his stint away.

Visiting the Kids Cove day care on Morrow Street, Monty met pre-schoolers who have a direct line of sight into the 277 Broadway site.

The children have been modelling their daily play around what’s been happening onsite, prompting Monty to gift a toy crane to Kids Cove on behalf of Scentre Group.

Up the road and the new entrants at Newmarket Primary School also lapped up a visit with Monty, taking part in a quiz about the new centre and winning themselves vouchers to buy books and classroom equipment from the centre when it’s open.

Newmarket Primary has been actively involved in the development from day one. Students recently took part in a series of Westfield Newmarket Facebook videos, interviewing key members of project team about their roles.

The entertaining videos have reached over 369,000 people since they launched earlier this year and can be seen on the Westfield Newmarket Facebook page.

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Concerns and feedback are welcome. Contact Dorita Munro, Community Relations Manager on 09 978 5050 or 0800 500 020 or email dmunro@scentregroup.com.