Twenty-seven names pay homage to Seinfield with new Spring collection, Yada Yada

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We all understand those frustratingly relatable moments in life that make us feel as though we are in a romantic comedy and twenty-seven names latest collection ‘Yada Yada’ represents all of these intricate moments.

The launch of the twenty-seven name’s spring collection ‘Yada Yada’ is a nod to getting through these moments in life unscathed, confidently. Marking the 20th year since the final Seinfeld episode to air, and drawing inspiration from their leading lady Elaine Benes, the collection is cleverly expressed through the words used by the character in a fictional scene in Seinfeld, where Elaine must create a spring collection about nothing.

Featuring incredible blossoming blue florals with deep reds, these playful pieces also are a nod to loosening up after winter and beginning to look at the playful nature of dressing during the warmer months.

Our most coveted items of the collection are the Laney Pants and the J. Peterman blouse!

Yada Yada is now available in the twenty-seven names Osborne Lane store - 6 Kent Street, Newmarket. width=

View the collection here. 


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