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The best of Newmarket’s Chinese food scene

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It’s safe to say that Aucklanders are crazy about Chinese food and Newmarket is lucky enough to be filled with choices that reflect this – from mouth-watering dumplings and crispy Peking Duck, to yum cha and fine dining. We have compiled the ultimate guide to eating Chinese around the precinct, so gather your crew and get feasting.


Is there really anything more comforting and delicious than a hot bowl of noodles? We think not. Whether you prefer them flat, thin, saucy or soupy, Newmarket’s Chinese restaurants do noodles like no other. Master Bao and Taiwan Restaurant are masters of a beef noodle soup - piling ropes of noodles with delicious brisket beef, their broths are delectable in their own right. Canto Canto’s specialty lies in their wonton noodle soup and trust us when we say this is a taste sensation, along with many of their other noodle soups. For those simply craving a big, cheap bowl of Chinese noodles, Sunrise Hongkong Café and Lan Xiang Ge Shanghai Cuisine are perfect spots to fill your tummy. And last, but certainly not least, Tian Fu Noodles is a noodle-lovers haven, especially if you can handle a kick of spice as their sauces and soups sure know how to pack a punch!

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Steamed, fried and crispy, served in soup or in a basket, however you prefer your dumplings, Newmarket has some of the best joints in Auckland to fix your cravings for these mini morsels. If you frequently opt for a classic steamed dumpling, Baifu Dumplings and Dumpling Station are names to note, both with extensive and authentic menus to feast on. If you’re after a large portion - Penpen Xian Restaurants beef and dumpling soup is enough to feed a small army, but hey, we won’t judge if you finish one to yourself! Also famous for their noodles, TianFu Noodles dumplings could not go without mention - be sure to order their spicy sauce to accompany your choice of filling.

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Fill up at one of Newmarket’s hotpot hot spots, perfect for gathering friends or family for a communal bowl of steaming goodness! Little Sheep Hotpot’s Ying and Yang hotpot broth base is perfect for first timers, offering a split of spicy and savoury so you can test your tolerance. For delicious and fresh seafood, Guan Zhou Hotpot is praised among many, along with their vibrant new interior. Four Seasons Hotpot and 2 Happy Restaurant host a huge variety of ingredients, so you can choose anything from a classic chicken hotpot to a slightly more indulgent pork and wagyu beef pot!

Peking Duck

There’s no such thing as a Chinese dining experience if there isn’t a plate of crispy-skinned, juicy, flavoursome Peking Duck involved. For a classic Peking Duck dish, 108 Tastes and Canton Grill Seafood Restaurant are renowned for serving customers perfectly cooked duck, along with many other mouth-watering plates. One of our favourite takeaway places in Newmarket to get our fix of the Beijing delicacy, is Golden Ducks Charcoal Roast, serving up whole ducks, half ducks, and everything in between - ideal for a quick lunch or take-home dinner.

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Sweet Treats

We all fancy an afternoon sugar pick-me-up from time-to-time, and whether it’s a refreshing milk tea, or a decadent dessert, these joints are sure to satisfy those with a sweet tooth! Meow Café transports us from Newmarket straight to the streets of Hong Kong, with their delicious and traditional desserts, our favourite being the irresistible sesame pudding or durian pancakes. Newmarket’s Muse has delicious real milk tea options to wash down their menu of authentic Hong Kong dishes. And for all the night owls, MoMoTea has an extensive menu of bubble teas available until 2am, from peach green tea to egg pudding milk tea!

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If you’re looking for an all-round Chinese dining experience, two of Newmarket’s most popular Chinese restaurants that serve up all the delicacies and delights are not to be missed.

One of Auckland’s original yum cha gems, Sun World Chinese Restaurant is always busy for a reason, hosting all of the delicious Chinese staples you can dream of. Be sure to order the pork buns, xiaolongbaos and dumplings - but you must save some room for their delectable fried sesame balls and Zhaliang (deep fried dough drizzled in sauce) for dessert. This restaurant is perfect for dining in those last few days before pay day… cheap and cheerful!

If you love Chinese, chances are you would already have been, or at least heard of Pearl Garden; the Don, as some would say, of Newmarket’s Chinese restaurants. In an intimate setting, tucked away above Teed Street, Pearl Garden is famous for their yum cha, along with their exquisite dumplings, each perfectly assembled. We recommend trying their prawn and spinach, pork and cashew as well as their duck and mushroom dumplings - so gather a group together, large enough so you can order a countless number of dishes and eat until your heart is content!