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Sustainable storytellers, Maggie Marilyn open their showroom in Newmarket

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From the brand's conception, Maggie Marilyn has had a constant, simple mission - to make a difference in an industry ready for change. For the young, kiwi designer this meant building a brand that champions transparency, empowers everyone involved in the supply chain and ensures the wellbeing of the planet is at the forefront of every decision made when creating beautiful garments.

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Being picked up by major international e-commerce stores like Net-A-Porter, Shopbop, Far Fetch as well as Vogue, Harper's Bazaar and many more, Maggie Marilyn has been making waves in the fashion industry since they first burst onto the sartorial scene in 2016.

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Piece by piece and seam by seam, the Maggie Marilyn brand embodies sustainability with all textiles being ethically sourced or recycled. Sustainability is an inbuilt mindset, culture and lifestyle, for us it is the heart of the company.

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Opening their showroom in Roxburgh Street, the team are available to meet with via appointment to shop the collections and have a tailored experience to suit your wardrobing needs.

4 Roxburgh Street | @maggiemarilyn