Sustainability and style meet with a By Maverix pop-up store

Boasting the ultimate cool girl aesthetic, By Maverix is coming to Newmarket. Not only is this store home to some of the world’s beloved brands (think Paloma Wool and The Line By K) – sustainability and transparency are central to their business concept. With a large online following, the brand is bringing a unique pop-up store to Newmarket on Broadway this July.

A store founded upon values of sustainability and conscious fashion choices, founders Madi Rouse and Ellie Richards aim to be the driving force of sparking more conversation around sustainable fashion here in New Zealand and making it the norm – not just an afterthought. Madi and Ellie wanted to be able to effortlessly curate their wardrobes confident in knowledge of where their clothes came from and what impact they were having on the planet, but of course not compromising on personal style. The fashion industry is plagued with sustainability issues and over consumption, but encouraging consumers to care about where their clothes come from, and taking the time to think through purchases is a step in the right direction. By Maverix embodies these principles whilst offering must-have international and local brands. From colourful knitwear to unique prints, By Maverix curates the best pieces from brands including the likes of Paloma Wool, The Line By K and locally grown label Molly Perkinsons. Madi and Ellie have also released their own line, Made By Maverix, which focuses on a small curation of timeless pieces, designed with quality and sustainable practices at the forefront – pieces that will fit into your wardrobe for years to come.

The word sustainability gets thrown around a lot these days, and as consumers it can be hard to decipher what this actually means when brands claim to be ‘sustainable’. By Maverix have created a unique way to shop that helps consumers really know what they are buying and who from. Ellie and Madi have created a system where shoppers can purchase by their values – for example women owned, organic, fair trade and cruelty free. They have 12 key values to shop from, and every designer that they bring on board needs to meet at least 4 of these values, otherwise By Maverix won’t carry them. Madi and Ellie have hit the nail on the head of encompassing sustainability with unwavering style.

By Maverix Founders Madi & Ellie

By Maverix are opening their first brick and mortar store at 240 Broadway from 2 July to 13 July.

By Maverix

240 Broadway

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