Discover the best shopping in Auckland at Newmarket, known as the fashion and shopping capital of New Zealand. The widest variety of retail outlets are found here and we are proud to showcase the finest, assorted selection of shopping options for your perusal.

From high end fashion boutiques and stores, international labels, Auckland’s only David Jones store, flagship stores of New Zealand fashion designers, book stores, kids stores, including New Zealand’s only Lego store, stationery shops, gift stores and more, there is something for everyone. You will also find a wide range of sporting goods, from clothing and footwear to equipment and recovery products.

Need to upgrade your technology? Find the newest electronic and tech devices available: high-res display systems and speaker/amp combos; all the latest models of tablets, laptops, desktops and handhelds; and all the cabling and small-kit you could require. Smashed your phone screen and need repairs? Newmarket’s got you covered. Looking for home improvement? Everything from the kitchen to the sleep-out to the yard, look no further. Health and hygiene, a fine variety of pharmacies are to be found in and around Newmarket. Friends coming to town? Going overseas? Find the right gift, here in the country’s best shopping destination.

Newmarket’s vibrant shopping districts offer all the multitudinous necessities for the modern shopper, as well as all the niceties alongside. With a wide spread selection of covered and off street parking opportunities available, fine dining and drinking or fast food and general refreshment options, and the most diverse variety of retail stores and shops in the country, all within the one small borough, we feel safe that you can find what you need here. Come shopping, come to Newmarket and enjoy the best shopping experience this city has to offer.

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