As part of the NBA’s Diversity & Inclusion Strategy, we have signed up to the Pride Pledge.

- The Pride Pledge ( is an initiative which aims to raise visibility for safe space in our communities. The focus is to raise awareness of the values of safety, inclusiveness and visibility for all LGBTTQ+ (rainbow) people. The NBA has have committed to improve Rainbow inclusion across our business community by taking the Pledge to support our Newmarket business community to become more inclusive.

- All businesses and workplaces have the opportunity to commit to the pledge to making them more visible and appealing to LGBT consumers and employees as safe spaces.

- Rainbow Tourists actively seek out Rainbow friendly businesses and make up more than 10% of the tourism market by numbers and much more by spend.

- The NBA has the unique priority to stand out from other business districts in leading the way when it comes to being a visibly Rainbow friendly business precinct.

- Working with Pride Pledge, we will make available diversity and inclusion training to members to support businesses in improving their workplace inclusion which NBA will be supporting for members.