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OFF & ON’s Nicky Shore talks beauty and business

Nicky Shore is the founder and owner of OFF & ON, a specialist wax and brow clinic that is dedicated to offering a premium service. We caught up with Nicky to talk all things beauty and business.


The concept of a specialty waxing brow bar was relatively new when you started it. Can you tell us where the idea to open OFF & ON came from?

It came from a very personal experience (or lack thereof actually!). Having lived overseas for many years where Brazilian waxing and brow bars were taking of, I had a somewhat harrowing experience on my return home and could see the opportunity to bring a specialist branded concept here.

Have you always been passionate about the beauty industry?

Absolutely – even in my high school yearbook it said I was destined to be an Avon lady. I am not a particularly high maintenance person myself outwardly, but I really like the insights behind how beauty can change how a person feels about themselves.

What are some of the treatments that OFF & ON offer?

We stick to trying to be specialists in what I would say is like Maslow’s hierarchy of beauty maintenance, which in this decade is brows and Brazilians.. We have specialist hair removal experts in laser and waxing, and our brow artists are masters in lashes and brow services. Our most recent offering, injectables, with our registered nurses and oversight from our parent company the Skin Institute, has made OFF & ON’s service menu reflective of what the next decade of beauty maintenance will be.

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Over recent years, beauty treatments have become far more accessible with more choice for customers and more competition for businesses. OFF & ON offers a premium experience prioritizing quality and experience. How have you kept up with this competition? 

By trying to do exactly that – focus on the customer first and foremost, creating a premium experience for them and specialising in the specific fields to give them the best result. We are not just in beauty, we’re in the services industry and this isn’t just about what we do, it’s about how that makes people feel.

Why did you choose Newmarket for your first location? 

Newmarket was an easy choice… we went for the ‘character’ driven Osborne St (12 years ago it was very different!). Newmarket is a destination, a hub for all things in retail and services, and basically where the cool kids went back then.

Name your top 5 beauty essentials.

A brow shape and colour with Henna, dermaplaning (the peach fuzz exterminator),Oasis sunscreen, LiLash and Blinc mascara.

What are your tips for great brows?

Don’t force someone else’s brows on your face. I think we are entering a new phase where we are all starting to truly believe we work with what we have got, to have the best brow for us. Use a brow spoolie brush, brush your brows up for instant volume and lastly remember that colour is more important to creating strength in brows than shape.

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Social media has enabled a new means of communication and has created a platform for those interested in beauty and trending beauty treatments. What are some of the impacts that social media has had on your business?

We have a lot more one-on-one customer contact which is great, instant feedback and our

base of loyal clients are connected in a new way. We focus on engagement rather than how many likes or followers we have and that keeps things very much in line with our OFF & ON ethos.

Can you tell us about some of the top treatment trends for 2020?

For us, it’s dermaplaning, lash lifting, henna and then the overarching growth in laser hair removal and injectables.

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What is Newmarket’s best kept secret?

Selera Malaysian on the corner of Khyber Pass and Osborne Street – the roti is the best!

What’s next for OFF & ON?

We’re focusing on laser hair removal season as we head into the cooler months, it’s a fantastic treatment.


8 Osborne Street |09 520 3212

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