Newmarket's best burgers

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There’s something about tucking into a deliciously juicy burger that makes life that much better. We’re pretty sure that a burger is a staple in any diet, so we’ve rounded up Newmarket’s most famous must-try burgers that will provide instant satisfaction.

Baha Betty - Nuff Said Burger

Betty's burgers seriously hit the spot, and the Nuff Said has all you could ever want in a burger. A beef patty grilled to perfection, melted cheese, tomato... and the best bit? The potato chips on the side - straight from the bag just how we like it!

309 Broadway, L4 Westfield | @baha_betty

Corner Burger - Winner Winner

Indulging in a burger alongside a craft beer (and obviously a side of hand-cut fries) is the only way to dine when visiting Corner Burger; the Winner Winner deserves a special mention. A fried chicken, streaky bacon, cheddar cheese aaaand fried brie, plus a crisp apple slaw … need we say anymore! And for those who aren’t about that carb life, the naked burgers here are (almost) just as good, served as a salad.

309 Broadway, L4 Westfield Newmarket | @cornerburgernz

Burger Burger - Vege

Burger Burger is an Auckland institution when it comes to the business of making burgers. They offer up fresh and innovative flavours with only the best quality produce, whilst changing up their specials with creative combinations (think Italian lasagne burgers, sushi burgers and more!) - their staples are consistently delicious. Our pick? Vege - a delicious walnut, quinoa, mushroom & cheese patty topped with a crumbed field mushroom, swiss cheese and caramelised onion - this one will convert even the staunchest of meat eaters!

3B York Street | @burgerburgernz

Bird on a Wire - Grilled BLT Burger 

Bird on a Wire’s Grilled BLT is on a whole different level to any classic bacon butty you’ve tasted before. Featuring their famous grilled chicken, strips of delicious candied bacon, pickled onion for a bit of tang, avocado, cheese, tomato, cos, and creamy garlic mayo to top it all off.

277 Broadway, L3 Westfield Newmarket | @birdonawirenz

The Lumsden - Beef, Bacon & Cheeseburger

If a big, classic American burger is more your style, The Lumsden offers exactly that. The Beef, Bacon & Cheeseburger is not to be missed - premium beef mince patty with streaky bacon slathered in sauce and served with crispy fries!

444 Kyhber Pass Road | @the_lumsden_freehouse

The Candy Shop - Fillet O'Prawn

The Candy Shop is here to break down the stigma around fish burgers, with this boujee take on a Fillet O' Fish. A crispy fried prawn patty inside a fresh brioche bun with jalapeño mayo, tomato and cos! Available on the brunch and weekend menus.

2-8 Osborne Lane | @candyshopnz

The Claddagh - Halloumi Burger

One of life's greatest pleasures is a burger and a beer at the pub, and when it comes to pub food The Claddagh does it well. They have plenty of burger options, but one of our favourites would have to be the Halloumi Burger. It comes with all the classic trimmings, and plenty more options to add on. It doesn’t get much better.

372 Broadway

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Billy - Double Beef and Cheese Burger

Billy Cafe is easily one of Newmarket's most Insta-worthy food stops with their meals featuring all over social media shot by everyday foodies and bloggers alike. As far as burgers go, we think Billy have it on lock. Serving up a double beef and cheese burger with all the trimmings - prime beef patties, melted cheese, mustard, pickles and fried onions. They are also famous for their Criss Cross Fries, and we’re certain you can’t have a burger without.

Xerox Building, Ground floor, 79 Carlton Gore Road | @billy_cafe

The Broadway Diner - King Burger

One of Newmarket’s O.G takeaway haunts, The Broadway Diner is still serving some of the best, basic, no fuss burgers around. The big red food truck parks itself on Broadway from 6pm until the very early hours of the morning, catering for those after a midnight feast or a weeknight takeaway fix. We recommend the King burger, filled with copious amounts of cheese and sauce, crisp lettuce and tomato, and a juicy beef patty - add a hash brown and some bacon, and you will have yourself a real winner!

255 Broadway | (image via @journalofafoodaholic)