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Continuing Newmarket’s support of New Zealand  fashion and creative talent, 2017 sees the launch of a new 8 week partnership between the Otago Polytechnic Fashion School and Newmarket. Fashion powerhouse WORLD are taking Ivy Jackson-Mee under their wing for the internship. Ivy will continue to update us with weekly blog posts…


Since starting at fashion house WORLD on Tuesday 7th, I have already learnt so much. From industrial patterns and amazing fabrics I have seen things that only an opportunity like this could show me. I’ve seen new and old stock up close, been able to deal with it and learnt a lot about the processes it goes through during production. I’ve also learnt a lot about how the New Zealand fashion system works which has been very valuable for me. Overall my first week has been amazing, the staff here are so friendly and made me feel very welcome straight away. 


This week during my internship I have been more on the production side of things. I’ve been hand-stitching amazing garments, and dealing with fabrics up close. I’ve also been helping out with lots of little jobs that help keep everything running smoothly. It’s been an amazing opportunity for me to see how everything works in a successful fashion label that produces within New Zealand. I’ve also got to know the staff better this week which has been lovely as it now feels like I fit in and have a role in the workplace. The first two weeks have been incredible and I can’t wait to learn much more in the next six!


For my third week at WORLD, I have continued to learn about the company and how a successful brand operates within New Zealand. I’ve been taken out of the workroom and been shown fabric warehouses and other businesses that work with WORLD which has been an amazing opportunity for me as a recent fashion graduate. The team at WORLD have such a positive attitude and an amazing work ethic which is so great to see from a New Zealand company and it also has set a good example for me to learn from. Overall my third week has yet again been amazing! 


The fourth week of my internship has yet again been wonderful. This week I’ve focused more on the stock movement side of things and have been helping the retail coordinator Amita Kala. It’s been interesting for me to learn how new and old season stock is moved around and processed throughout the stores in NZ. One thing that is particularly special about WORLD is the beauty products and antiques they sell in their stores. They are very unique and often can’t be found in other New Zealand stores. I’ve been extremely lucky to be able to deal with these up close and learn about them. The only down side of things is that I’m already half way through the internship! 


Having completed my fifth week at WORLD I’m still amazed by how fast the time has gone! Everyday I do something new and learn something more. I’ve had one main job to complete this week, which is hand-stitching embroidery onto scarfs and French berets. This has been extremely intimate work and reflects on WORLD as a brand that offers hand-made couture. It’s amazing to see such delicate and beautiful work so closely everyday. Throughout my five weeks here so far, I have really learnt more than I could imagine. I’ve learnt valuable lessons and skills that I will keep for life, and will help set me up for the beginning and rest of my career. I cannot express enough how grateful I am for this opportunity from all those involved. 


Throughout my sixth week at WORLD I have continued to hand sew embroidery onto stock, some of which is for the store and some is for an upcoming show. I’ve also been into the stores which was amazing to see, and also very satisfying to see my small contributions of work to some of the stock being sold! I’ve been out and about with the production manager Joshua Olouson who controls the  new stock that comes into the workroom ready to be distributed between the stores. This has been great to learn particularly because one of the reasons I applied for this Internship was to learn how a fashion brand successfully operates within the New Zealand fashion industry. Overall been a great week yet again!


My second to last week with WORLD has been very busy. The company is preparing for a show with Britomart next week, which is joined with Zambesi and Kate Sylvester, so I’ve been helping with preparations for that. It’s been quite exciting to prepare for a fashion show and see the social side of things. The preparation has included hand embroidered garments and accessories and styling. Very exciting stuff! I’ve also been helping around the workroom with cutting garments and organising the fabrics so that we have easy as organised access to them. Yet again it’s been a fabulous and successful week!


My last week with WORLD has been amazing. We’ve spent the week doing preparations for the fashion show on Thursday evening at Britomart which was joined by Zambesi and Kate Sylvester as a combined show. I was able to help backstage then watch the show which was amazing. Overall my time with WORLD has been so incredible and I’ve been extremely lucky to have had this opportunity. Every step of the way I have learnt something new and gained new relationships with such wonderful people. My time here has resulted in an employment between myself and WORLD as I have now been hired as the construction room assistant which is amazing news for me and such a big step for my career! I’m forever grateful to Newmarket Business Association for this scholarship and to WORLD for taking me under their wing, and now accepting me into their design family. 

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