Newmarket welcomes two Whale Tail sculptures

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From 24th January - 18th April, 80 individually-designed Whale Tail sculptures will decorate Auckland as part of the city's cultural art trail, Whale Tales 2022. Designed by well-known and emerging kiwi artists and schools, the Tails – inspired by the endangered Bryde’s whale – will tell the “tales” of our moana and why we must protect it. 

Playing our part, Newmarket has welcomed two beautifully designed Whale Tails, which can be found at Lumsden Green and Nuffield Street. 

After the art trail closes, the tails will take centre stage at a charitable auction in May 2022 and sold to bidders. Funds raised from the auction will go to WWF-New Zealand and their work. In particular, for their efforts to protect and restore Aotearoa’s marine environment, particularly in and around the Hauraki Gulf.

They are Us

Located at Lumsden Green and designed by Laurelee WalmsleyThey are Us symbolises the many resemblances between Whales and Humans. Not only warm-blooded: the whale species makes friends, adopts family and connects through song. They teach, learn, co-operate and even mourn. That which makes us human enables us to; protect, respect, and be kind to all. Freedom of sex, colour, shape, or size, is the song of equality we all prize. Sponsored by Newmarket Business Association.

Deco Deity

Deco Deity, which can be found on Nuffield Street, was inspired by the beliefs of ancient civilisations and indigenous cultures. These cultures regarded the elements as gods, acknowledging that the sun, moon, earth and oceans as the supreme powers in life. This deep respect for nature was a much healthier and realistic stance regarding our livelihood and wellbeing. Artist Melinda Butt says through the use of symbolism and well-defined imagery, she wanted to evoke a more respectful appreciation of the earth, honouring it like we once did. Sponsored by Westfield Newmarket and Newmarket Business Association. 

Newmarket Primary School

Alongside Newmarket's two large tails, a mini tail has also been donated to Newmarket Primary School for students to paint and decorate. This tail, as well as 14 other mini tails will be displayed in a pod at Auckland Museum from mid-March. 

Take part in the immersive art trail across Tāmaki Makaurau and find a map of the trail here.