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Newmarket Rolls Out COVID-19 Safety Measures

Alert Level 2 means schools can open and more businesses can resume trading, including retailers, cafes, bars and restaurants. The new Alert Level means social distancing measures need to be implemented by businesses. These controls will likely remain in place until the COVID-19 is eradicated completely or a vaccine has been found and rolled out.

Tony Cartwright, General Manager at Utemaster NZ, reached out to Auckland MP, David Seymour among other MP’s to ask where his company could assist making a town centre safer in a COVID-19 environment.

“Utemaster wanted to make an impact on the way we keep Kiwi’s safe and choosing the globally recognised Shield sanitation station which is supported by New Zealand manufacturing was a responsible move to make” said Cartwright.

Seymour referred Cartwright to Mark Knoff-Thomas at the Newmarket Business Association, who looks after the major metropolitan town centre – one of New Zealand’s busiest business, retail and hospitality hubs.

Knoff-Thomas said “we were delighted to hear from Tony about the Shield sanitation station. With Utemaster and Shield Sanitations’ generosity we will be installing foot-pump operated hand sanitising stations at key locations across Newmarket for our employees, consumers, commuters, students and residents alike. It’s important we take extra measures to ensure everyone feels safe when out and about, as we get back to some kind of normality” he said.

Hand Sanitiser Station V2

David Seymour MP commented “Newmarket is a critical hub for the Epsom Electorate and all of Auckland. I’m thrilled to see the Newmarket Business Association innovating to get business up and running in this vital precinct”.

Utemaster NZ, a licensed manufacturer, said “We envisage that the Shield sanitation station will become a symbol of cleanliness and social responsibility, so that the when a dispenser is sighted the instant reaction is to sanitise to curb the likelihood of community transmission via contamination in public spaces.”

Shield Sanitation began in Alès, France, where two entrepreneurial brothers got together in their workshop and created sanitiser station which was entirely mechanical, offered simple installation and maintenance and is successful with high usage. More than all of this, the foot pedal dispensers are hands free to ensure zero contamination. The units are now manufactured in Europe, United States, Australia and New Zealand under licence.

The hand sanitiser stations are installed at 10 key locations around Newmarket. See the map below:

sanitiser map

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