Newmarket Ramps Up

Reading Time: 2 Minutes

Feedback from a new survey conducted by the Newmarket Business Association paints a positive outlook for the business precinct. The survey, which captured responses from retailers, hospitality outlets, as well as general business, is part of a new initiative being rolled out by the business association to measure business trends in the area.

“We get all sorts of feedback on a regular basis from individual businesses, but by having consolidated data we are able to determine trends and the overall sentiment across the business district” says Newmarket Business Association CEO, Mark Knoff-Thomas.

64% of businesses are anticipating better trading next month than the previous month, with 73% having a positive outlook on the next 6 months. In addition 91% reported that Newmarket as a precinct was ‘steady’ or in an ‘improving state.’

“We expect an annual spike during the run up to the Christmas period, but it’s especially pleasing to see such a large portion of diverse companies feeling positive about the next half year. We have work to do in some areas and the association will be firmly focusing on initiatives to increase foot traffic to improve sales for retailers and hospitality providers alike” says Knoff-Thomas.

The survey will be conducted monthly by the Newmarket Business Association.