Newmarket Business Awards; Q&A with Angela Pile

Angela Pile

Director of Retain Consultancy – Recognise and Reward


Tell us about (your business) and what your business does?

Retain Consulting would with business to deliver exceptional Customer Service and Experiences.

Recognise and Reward is a personalised Gifting company, which all supplies a wide range of Branded Merchandise and Apparel.


Why did (your business) choose Newmarket as their base?

Newmarket is a fantastic location, with a great mix of businesses. That can all be successful by standing together, and being best in class – with outstanding Customer Experiences and Services.


What is the one accomplishment (your business) are most proud of in 2018 and why?

We have secured some very large clients, this is because we take the pain points away from them.

Organising Team wear, branded merchandise and apparel, along with stationery. We’re now a 360 degree solutions company.


Tell us about your involvement with the Newmarket Business Awards?

Our Business was proud to sponsor the “Best Customer Experience” Award



Which category did you sponsor and who was the winner?

Best Customer Experience – the winner Gates Eyewear.


What is Newmarket’s best kept secret?

The app Parkmate and ATPark has your parking needs sorted.



Describe Newmarket in 3 words:

Local, Friendly, Variety



Why do you love working in Newmarket?

The atmosphere is great.




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