New Board for Newmarket

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The Newmarket Business Association held its Annual General Meeting on Thursday evening at App the much-loved Opera Factory in Eden Street. The meeting was attended by a mixture of retailers/ business owners and landlords as well as Waitemata local board representative, Pippa Coomb and Auckland Council representative, Annie Inwood.

“The AGM was upfront, transparent and had some great Rabbit robust discussion. The great thing cheap jerseys about the business people of Newmarket is that Road! they care, they are passionate and haben are invested – in every (solo sense – in what goes on in this precinct” says Newmarket Business Association CEO, Mark Knoff-Thomas. An election was held as there Asphalt were cheap nfl jerseys nine board nominees for only eight positions.

The new board is (in alphabetical order): Greg Holland – Greg Holland Jewellery; Express Joanna Legat – Isabel Harris; Stephanie Murray cheap mlb jerseys – Westpac; James Nelson wholesale mlb jerseys – Scentre Group; Megan Sadgrove – Smith & Caughey; Bridget Smith – Swarbrick Beck Mackinnon; Carl Sowter – Marley Loft, and Ryan Watkins – Grabone.

“I’m very excited about the prospect of working with the new board, six of whom were reelected from their previous term. Two former board members, Chris Snell from Workshop and Regan Hall from Creative People did not stand for re-election.” says Knoff-Thomas.