A Day in the Life of Mina Markho of Triton World of Hearing

Reading Time: 2 Minutes

Triton World of Hearing Newmarket is there first of its kind in the Southern Hemisphere, with interactive hearing experiences, innovative hearing products and services, plus expert audiological advice on hand. We caught up with Hearing Expert Mina Markho to see how she spends a day in her life, on and off the floor at Triton.

6AM I wouldn't describe myself a morning person, so instead of rushing out the door, I enjoy a moment on the veranda with a strong cup of coffee in hand. Then I get ready for a workout at the gym, before a busy day ahead.

8AM If I have a few spare moments before getting to work, I stop in at my favourite café in Newmarket, Altezano Brothers. When I arrive at Triton World of Hearing I greet the whānau, then check to see what the priorities are for the day to prepare for our first customers to arrive.

10AM What I love about being located on Broadway is talking to people who pop by, curious to learn more about their hearing and working with the team to find the best solution for their lifestyle. The ‘wow' moment is when customers try out the latest hearing technology, in the surround-sound Experience room. It’s a New Zealand first!

11AM This is the busiest time of the day, it is what we call the ‘mid-morning-post- coffee’ rush, when a lot of our clients come in for a repair or a query. From troubleshooting, to refitting hearing aids and on-the-spot hearing checks, no two days are the same.

3PM This tends to be the quieter time of the day, a perfect time to update customer records and get on top of any admin that needs to be completed. This is also a great time to discuss feedback with the team on how we can do things better and continually improve customer experience, as we always need to be adapting and developing in this brand new concept store!

5PM After an eventful day and to avoid Auckland’s rush hour, I like to enjoy some fresh air at Victoria Park before heading home.

10PM Once I have prepped my meals for the next day, it's time to relax... with a cup of tea and my favourite Netflix series, 'Behind Her Eyes,' which, like most popular shows, is very addictive!