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Michael Hill delve into the world of lab-grown diamonds

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As a long-standing icon in the New Zealand jewellery industry, Michael Hill is a household name. So when the brand announced their latest launch, a foray into the world of lab-grown diamonds, naturally we were very intrigued.

The launch of the Fenix Created Diamonds sees Michael Hill as one of the first brands to launch an alternative to naturally mined diamonds in New Zealand. The Fenix range are genuine, real diamonds set to provide customers with even more choice when selecting their special piece.

With the next step in the evolution of diamond jewellery upon us, the brand has created diamonds that are certified, authentic alternatives providing real, larger stones, aligning with the rise in customer desires for more choice and a more sustainable lifestyle approach.

CEO Daniel Bracken says their commitment to craftsmanship remains the same with the Fenix Created Diamonds for Michael Hill announcement.

“Our jewellery has always been made with a focus on quality, design and authenticity,” he says.

“We’re looking forward to continue offering our customers a selection of choices within their price range with an assurance on quality. Whether it’s mined or created, Michael Hill offers New Zealanders crafted fine jewellery that they’ll treasure.”

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With over 50 stores across New Zealand, Australia and Canada, the Michael Hill vision remains the same: creating quality jewellery that customers can treasure for a lifetime. The Fenix Created Diamonds will be exclusively stock at Michael Hill Newmarket.

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