Lucky Rabbit wins $5000 in Newmarket!

When purchasing a Gore stuffed toy rabbit at Allium in Newmarket, Brendon McLean didn’t think it would go cheap NBA jerseys on to bring him any luck. Fortune has it though; this purchase was to give Brendon more than he’d bargained for – $5000 to be exact!

Brendon Whoopi was drawn as the winner of Newmarket’s annual Win an ANZ Winter Shopping turned Spree promotion – a partnership between the Newmarket Business Association and the Newmarket Branch of ANZ bank. Brendan later revealed that the timing couldn’t MuhmadEmad have been better as that day he’d also welcomed the arrival of his first child – a son named Quinn Alexander.

Mark в Knoff-Thomas, Chief Executive of the Newmarket Business Association was thrilled to hear Brendon’s news. “It’s a wonderful thing to wholesale NBA jerseys be able to give money away, but wholesale NFL jerseys this time its extra special. We couldn’t be happier for Brendon and his der family and I’m sure this money will be of help in the coming months!”

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