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Newmarket is the heart of the retail centre of Auckland. It is a place where both classic/old world and modern/trendy work are in balance. A place where young and young at heart work and mix together. Newmarket is central to the whole of Auckland city; it is on the new rail service, transport links, restaurants, shops, movie theaters with easy access to the airport and central to the best schools in the city.

Newmarket not only offers great food and drink, the best shopping and culture in Auckland but also a diverse range of professional business services. From accountants to advertising, doctors to photography – this vibrant business service community helps drive the growth of Newmarket and surrounding suburbs.

As Newmarket grows so do the amenities and businesses within. Each year more and more tourists and business travellers stay in one of our accommodation options. The benefit of staying in the centre of one of the busiest shopping districts in Auckland has its advantages, while business travellers enjoy the facilities and centrality that Newmarket can provide.

More and more businesses are continuing to open in Newmarket. All are essential to our continuing growth, as each play a part in an expanding ecosystem. Our members are pushing boundaries in each of their fields, whether it’s environmentally friendly engineering, fibre optic broadband or new technology and techniques used by our optometrists, accountants and website designers.

These services grow local, national and international business but also service the community, helping it flourish. Without these services, Newmarket could not be the hugely important piece of Auckland/New Zealand’s economic community as it is today.

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