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A day in the life of Fix & Fogg’s Roman Jewell

Fix & Fogg opened their hole-in-the-wall shop in Newmarket’s Osborne Lane, serving up some of the most epic toast and breakfast bowls; lathered with various flavours of Fix & Fogg peanut butter. We caught up with Founder and CEO, Roman Jewell, to get an inside look on how he spends his day running this iconic New Zealand nut butter brand.


It’s always a whirlwind in the morning getting kids ready for school before the craziness of my workday begins, but also a great excuse to eat cereal for breakfast. Or if I have time, a slice of sourdough, our Smoke and Fire peanut butter and pickles from McClures.


I arrive to our office on my bike. Everything is already buzzing once I get there as we have production staff starting from 6am onwards, and my immediate first stop is coffee. Always coffee!


I clear my emails. Usually a lot will have come through overnight with the time difference in the US but I’m a stickler on keeping my inbox below 10. My day consists of a lot of meetings. This can range from Zoom calls with our agents in the US, to walks around the block with Thom our COO. At F&F, no day is the same, and we are always hustling. I love it.


Some days I’ll nip off to tennis to get in some exercise and to break up the day, or I’ll grab some lunch on the go.


I try to keep my afternoons clear so I can hustle out any urgent work or have a brainstorming session with our marketing team. At the moment we’re cracking into the US market which is a huge milestone for us.


I’ll head home to meet my wife Andrea and the kids. Andrea pulls dinner together while I keep the kids out of mischief. We get them all fed, bathed and in bed and then enjoy our own dinner later on.


We get into bed and both read for an hour or so. These days I’m drawn more to biographies and non- fictions as there’s just so much to learn – I’m reading Factfulness by Hans Rosling at the moment.


Lights out and dream sweetly of peanut butter!


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